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Polyglots: do languages other than English have a rich vocabulary of collective nouns?

Asked by gorillapaws (27472points) August 30th, 2020

A pod of dolphins, a murder of crows, a pride of lions, all showcase a rich vocabulary for collective nouns that the English language celebrates. Is this phenomenon unique to English, or do other languages also have a rich vocabulary for collective nouns?

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Yes . Japanese has a bunch.
satsu if you are counting flat things or slices
ko if you are counting chunks or blocks
pikki if you are counting animals.
pon if . you are counting long thing things.
I am generalizing here. Each one of the endings varies when coupled with certain numbers.
pon might be hon 1 pon, 2 hon, 3 bon etc.

As an engineer at a Japanese firm I told them up front that I will never be able to keep all the endings straight and will only use ordinals when counting. They loved it and always responded to me in kind. There was never any confusion.

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