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How can someone stop having an affair outside their marriage?

Asked by samwan (4points) August 31st, 2020

She is 10 years older than him (post menopausal); He got caught several times. She loves him unconditionally; He will never ever trade her for anybody and truly love her dearly.

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I have no idea from the question who the “he” and “she” are – that is who is having the affair, who wants to stop it and who loves mom. Can you rephrase it to make it clearer?

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meant to put “who loves whom.”

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@janbb OP says He got caught several times I think it’s the man cheating. The rest is confusing. I think the woman wants it to stop but who knows.

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How does the older woman feel? Does she want more or is it lust?
How about the wife, what does she want?

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If they’re really in love and can’t live without each other, maybe a divorce would be the next step.

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