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If Trump's supporters vote more than once, would he not win?

Asked by flo (12960points) 2 weeks ago

If there is a problem of the system not catching the second vote, Trump would win, and how would anyone know that it’s because of the flaw? So, why would he say to “vote often.”?

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It’s a felony !

And the second vote wouldn’t count ! He hurting in North Carolina for votes so . . . send some of his followers to jail. SMDH !

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I’m not sure what he’s saying to do. Try and vote in person often? Or is it by mail and in person? Either way I don’t know why he would say that. Maybe his fans in Fluther can explain.

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Don’t hold your breath. The fool, in full view of us all, announced on the White House lawn that voters should perpetrate voter fraud multiple times as a test of electoral integrity. The man is the most hopeless embarrassment to his country in its history.

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Once the vote was authenticated to be true and accurate, the real CIC would be sworn in.
I think he’d try to disqualify the election and thus win by default.

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He doesn’t automatically win (he thinks so) BUT on January 20, 2021 at Noon Pelosi or whom ever is the House of Representatives Speaker of the House takes over as President. @kritiper If the election is still in question.

HE does not know the Constitution and may not be able to read it !

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The only ones who would dare to listen to him would be his own voters who would go to jail and also and both votes would probably be invalidated. So he would lose those votes. Everyone else knows by now its a federal crime. I don’t even think his own voters would be willing to go to jail for him. It’s not like they can go to court and say they were testing out the system and that would fly. LOL I don’t know why he would believe that Democrats would do what he suggests ever.

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My understanding is that it is actually really hard, to cast a fraudulent vote, and the penalty, is pretty severe.
It’s hard to imagine that many people, would go to all the trouble, at such great risk, to vote multiple times.

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@flo He’s saying vote by mail, and then go in person and vote again just in case.

The way I see it he is trying to add fuel to the flame that mail-in voting is vulnerable to fraud. Moreover, he wants to slow down the announcement of who won. Part of his narrative is the winner won’t be announced for “weeks or months.“ If there are a lot of provisional votes from people who say their mail-in wasn’t counted so they want to vote in person, it will take time to deal with processing those votes.

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Maybe things vary by state or municipality, I don’t really know. But my son requested a mail-in ballot for the last election and it took so long to arrive that he didn’t have time to mail it back and ensure that it would be counted. So he took a day off of school and drove home to submit his mail-in ballot in person. He was not on the in-person rolls. He could not vote in-person without bringing in his mail-in vote (I believe he could have handed it in unfilled out and voted in person or handed in his completed mail-in vote, but don’t quote me on that). Is this not the case throughout the country? Isn’t this part of why we have a deadline for requesting mail-in votes – so that your name can be taken off in-person rolls?

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@Cupcake It does vary by state. Which state? I think Florida does require you bring in your mail-in ballot to vote in person, but I think you can do a provisional ballot without it. It’s a good question.

Florida mails ballots out very early in my experience, I don’t know about other states. We can track our ballot online to see if it went out or not.

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@JLeslie Yes, this was in FL. Provisional ballots weren’t counted in the last election, so that option wasn’t really of interest at the time, but I get your point.

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@Cupcake I was just looking at the different states, and Florida does not count ballots until after the polls close election day, which I think is ridiculous. It varies widely across the different states. That needs to change if it hasn’t already.

This website shows how each state handles counting mail-in ballots.

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Bejamin Natanyahu was charged while in office:
Is Israel more democratic than USA?

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@Tropical_Willie So Nancy Pelosi would be sworn in as the real CIC, correct??

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My understanding of Constitution:

Succession to President – - – The United States presidential line of succession is the order in which officials of the United States federal government assume the powers and duties of the office of president of the United States if the incumbent president becomes incapacitated, dies, resigns, or is removed from office. The order of succession specifies that the office passes to the vice president; if the vice presidency is simultaneously vacant, or if the vice president is also incapacitated, the powers and duties of the presidency pass to the speaker of the House of Representatives, president pro tempore of the Senate, and then Cabinet secretaries, depending on eligibility.

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Apparently that’s what he thinks it would take to win. One vote per Trump backer won’t be enough. And of course he won’t be the one taking the risks.

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If his supporters all vote more than once, and if it is not caught and corrected, then Trump will certainly “win” a second term. But is there any evidence that both of those “ifs” will be fulfilled? Is their any evidence that either will be fulfilled? Because so far it seems like scaremongering to me.

P.S. If no election were to take place, then Pelosi would not be re-elected to the speakership either. And since her current term would also expire in January, she would not be eligible to become president via the line of succession. Instead, the presidency would fall to the president pro tempore of the Senate, which is currently Chuck Grassley. Since he was re-elected in 2016, his term will not have expired by next January.

The only case in which Pelosi becomes the next president is if the election does take place, Pelosi is re-elected to the speakership, but the presidential race isn’t decided by 20 January 2021. In that case, both Trump and Pence’s terms will expire at a time when Pelosi is eligible to become president via the line of succession.

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I forgot about some of the Biden supporters will vote more than once too.
Thanks all.

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@flo Trump told his supports TO VOTE TWICE when he was in Wilmington NC. TWICE because he needs the the GOP votes !

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