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The best kind of dog?

Asked by tj1317 (22points) September 5th, 2008 from iPhone

it can’t be big it has to be a medium size dog or smaller I would like it to play fetch

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I like Labs.

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Get a medium-sized dog that has some setter/spaniel in it from a shelter. Labs are wonderful but do take up two seats in a car.

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Labs are not small. Think 70 plus pounds.

There is no best dog for everyone. It depends on the personality traits that you like, the lifestyle you lead, etc. You really need to take your time. Visit breeders or places where dogs gather. Ask questions.

You say you want to play fetch. An Australian cattle dog will play fetch until your arm falls off. They are bright, one-person dogs. As working dogs, they are not lovey dovey.

They have short hair, which is shed once or twice a year in a brief period. They weigh between 35 and fifty pounds.

Bad traits? They were bred to herd cattle, which they do by nipping at the cows’ heels. This trait needs to be discouraged or they will herd you and your family!

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I think he edited it after I answered.

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It depends on your experience level, your activity level, the amount of space you have available, how much time you plan to spend with the animal, whether you want to pay for grooming….

Visit your local shelter and talk to the folks there about what you’re looking for.

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try this quiz to know which breed is best for you:

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Boxers rock! They are medium size, good with people, short haired and if trained, very well behaved.

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@chyna I love boxers, a very fun breed. While I too do not think of them as large dogs, many people would. Females can run to 65 pounds and males to 80 pounds.

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My Welsh terrier is a great dog. He is smart, playful, loves everyone and other dogs. He is very obedient and constantly wants to please. He loves playing rough or being a lap dog. With that being said, he was holy hell as a puppy, but most puppies are.

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@Marina So true. My female boxer was 73 lbs. of sweetness.

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What happened to your Golden Retriever?

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@scamp Are you referring the golden retriever question to me?
I’ve never owned one. Just boxers.

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I can’t get a big dog

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Sometimes the best breed of dog is a mutt… They’re generally less predisposed to problems like hip dysplacia/other health ailments given that they come from a much broader gene pool. If you’re going to go this route, I’d consider getting one that’s full-grown (so you have a better guess as to how large it is). Plus, you’ll then be able to gauge it’s temperament, energy level, etc. Your local shelter will have plenty of them. You’ll then get to miss out on some of the puppy nightmare (they’re cute, but they can be fond of chewing and very difficult to handle/train/etc). Some people will tell you that it’s hard to create as strong a bond with an adult dog, but I didn’t have any problem doing that with my girl. I got her at 9 months, and I swear she’s extra grateful and good because of her past. Plus, given that she didn’t have a puppy-sized bladder, she was a breeze to potty train. :)

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Miniature poodles. They are smart, loyal, and are always willing to play. Another advantage is that they have hair instead of fur and they don’t shed. They aren’t just the dogs you see all shaved and whatnot, they can be kept in puppy cut and are totally adorable.

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The best kind of dog is a rescue dog.

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Labrador and German Shepherd.

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