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Can you help edit the wording of the sentence in the details (details inside)?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19441points) September 21st, 2020

I would like an extra, extra large microwave.

Not double large but additional microwave in stock.

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“I would be interested in a surplus extra-large microwave.”

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“I would like an extra large microwave oven if you have an extra one in stock.”
I don’t know what good it would do to inquire about an extra oven. Stores usually have several of a certain type in their inventory.

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@all Thanks.

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” I would like an additional extra large microwave.”

” I would like a second extra large microwave”

“I would like two extra large microwaves.”

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@zenvelo No, that would imply that he wants two of them which is not what he’s asking. If you read his comments, he’s asking about overstocks.

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@janbb Then he should ask:

“I would like an overstock extra large microwave.”

I didn’t realize he was hoping to get something free.

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@zenvelo @janbb Was just a dream I had last night . I am not trying to rip off Wal-Mart . Overstock is the right word. Thanks.

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“I would like one more large microwave.”
“I would like some more extra large microvaves”
“I would like 2 more extra large microwaves.”

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What is the significance of the word “overstock” in this context?

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I would find another word for the “extra” ( possibly “additional”) that denotes another machine.

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