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Deleting a question on Fluther ?

Asked by fjanick (6points) September 6th, 2008

Can you flag a question you posted for deletion on Fluther ?

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Or use the Contact link.

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For example if I click the “Flag as” link and select one of the options I assume the question gets deleted later by the moderator or a script ?

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A mod has to take a look at it and make it invisible. It never really vanishes. Just flagging it only alerts them to it.

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Okay, that is perfect.
I presume though if you would like a question you wrote deleted and say that in the reason area then that is okay with the Mod.

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I have never seen them not delete a question if the person asking the question wants it deleted.

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i saw a question this morning that is not there now, so it has been deleted, thankfully. it was a thinly disguised advertisement, and this is not the site for that. thank god for the mods!

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[mod says:] Actually, just because the person who asked the Q now wants it deleted is not a good enough reason to delete it. This is not fair to the people who took the time to answer the Q and the point of Fluther is to let Qs stay on the site so others who might have a similar question can benefit from it. So if you want a question deleted, you would have to state a reason for why you want that.

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