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Do you think hurricane season will get worse before the year ends?

Asked by LazyMe10 (508points) September 23rd, 2020

I’m quite curious about what some think on this matter. For I live in the southern part of USA (Texas) & there have been some hurricanes that have missed us. And curved. But it’s kind of been a lot back to back lately. So, I’m wondering, for all my southerners (living in any of the southern states) do you think it will get worse then the previous year? Or even the years before?

I guess what I mean by worse is, something worse then Katrina, Rita, or even Harvey. And if there was a hurricane that was worse then those would you consider moving elsewhere? So that you don’t have to deal with hurricane season?

P.S. Lived in Texas pretty much all my life, so yes I know the flooding is awful as heck here. I live further down south of Texas. Trust me I don’t like it when it floods and not do I like the humidity here but I’ve learned to avoid the sun like a vampire.

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I think the hurricane season will continue to be bad, including another large storm in the next month. Just like California fire season won’t settle down until Thanksgiving if we are lucky.

Remember, Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast the last week of October. Just because it was 1500 miles from you in Texas doesn’t mean storms won’t hit Texas in October.

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I live in SE NC…we get our share of hurricanes as well. But right now, due to the cooling temperatures, the ocean temps are dropping significantly. So they will probably lose strength if they come this way at all. I’m thinking the same is true throughout the SE part of our nation. As the temperatures drop for winter, water temperatures will drop and the driving force for hurricane creation will slack off a bit.

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@zenvelo Oh I know we’re not in the clear of hurricanes, sorry if I made it seem that way in my description area. I know Mother Nature doesn’t play favorites at all; Your right, we don’t know what will truly happen. When October fully comes around.

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@seawulf575 Thank you for the info, I actually never knew that. I’ve definitely learned something new today.

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