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Do you have a favorite toothpaste?

Asked by nightwolf5 (2352points) September 24th, 2020

And if so, why is it your favorite kind?

I did, but it got discontinued in 2017 and is hard to get now. You can on Ebay for ridiculous prices. My favorite was Mentadent with the base pump. I liked how the pump worked and how it separated and put together the baking soda and the peroxide with two separate sides.

Luckily I still have one refill left for my pump in my bathroom cabinet.

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Crest gum detoxify.

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HA. I used to get Mentadent in the 90s. But, it was expensive, even before it was discontinued. I like Crest with Scope in it.

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I used to use prevadent. Was expensive.

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Colgate. My dentist warned me that Crest contains micro plastic that is bad for the gums.

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@anniereborn Yeah last time I got it, it was about $5.00 for a box of two refills with base. I thought that was pretty okay though.

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@nightwolf5 Yeh, that is not bad at all. Maybe it came down in price.

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Crest regular gel. Hard to find! Only one store carries it where I live and I forget which one. I think it’s Winn Dixie? Or, maybe Target? Ugh. I wish I would commit it to memory.

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My mom always bought Crest but I will buy Colgate too – either one depending on what’s on sale. Trader Joe’s also has a fennel one which is very similar to Tom’s of Maine Fennel. It has a slight licorice taste.

I never tried Mentadent. Intriguing.

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Tom’s spearmint wicked cool

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Anyone here into the charcoal toothpaste fad? Seems ridiculous.

I personally use Aquafresh more than any other brand; it’s always been my favorite.

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Colgate – whatever the basic one is. I used Ultra Brite growing up. I don’t know when or why I switched. Never liked the taste of Crest or Aim.

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@Hawaii_Jake Yikes! We’ve been using Crest Pro-Health. But looks like we should switch brands.

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Colgate. I like the flavor. Not too sweet, and not too minty that it stings.

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@Hawaii_Jake @raum: I just googled it and Crest stopped putting microbeads (which was foodsafe plastic actually) in their toothpaste years ago.

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