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How many of you remember "Mikey," the kid in the Life cereal commercial from the 70s?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44146points) October 1st, 2020

Without Googling, what were the lines leading up to giving him the bowl of cereal?

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Something along the lines of: Let’s give it to Mikey. He doesn’t like anything.

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I only remember the kid from the Kinderschokolade packaging.
Or maybe I am conflating him with Heintje.

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I’m not going to try it, you try it, let’s give to Mikey ,yeah he doesn’t like anything, HEY he likes it.

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Very good! He hates everything…HEY! He likes it!

It’s blowing my mind that 95% of the people on Facebook are saying that Mikey likes everything. I’m like, if he liked everything it wouldn’t make Life cereal special! Here is the commercial.

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Without looking at the previous answers:

“He won’t eat it, he hates everything. Hey Mikey! He likes it!”

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My first thought was, “Mikey likes everything.” No, it does not make sense.

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He hates everything…except Life cereal. Which I had a bowl of a bit ago. Good stuff (it’s a sugar cheat for me.)

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Yeah. I am that old.

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Maybe it was just recycled from the ‘70’s, but I saw those ads, well into the 80’s.

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I cut a lot of sugar out of my diet back in the 80s @anniereborn. I used to put sugar in my cereal, but I don’t any more. Life cereal has some sugar in it. 2 or 3 %. Of course, it has more calories per serving than, say, Wheat Chex or Cheerios, which is what I usually eat.

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When I was a kid, everyone seemed convinced of a rumor that Mikey had consumed way too many Pop Rocks and soda at the same time, causing his stomach to explode, killing him. I’m trying to determine if not having the internet (and the ability to research such nonsense) was a good or bad thing.

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First I’ve heard of that!
I fed my 9 month old grand daughter pop rocks once. She found it quite interesting!

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Apparently the rumor was large enough to inspire a Snopes article on it in 2000.

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I didn’t say I didn’t believe you. I said I’ve never heard that before.

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^ I didn’t say that I thought you didn’t believe me.

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Kids were always saying, I don’t want to eat and other kid would say the same thing then, it was, give it to Mickey, he’ll eat anything or he’ll try anything. Just read where someone said they would say he doesn’t like anything. Now that makes sense. LOL . All this time I thought they said he’ll eat anything.

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No it’s “He hates everything!” ...but then he likes Life cereal. Must be special cereal…

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Mandela Effect. Que Twilight Zone theme music and that really intense cigarette smoking guy.

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