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Do you think it will be easier to find a job if you graduate from a CSU, in comparison to let's say USC or Irvine?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) March 11th, 2010

Especially in this economy, what are your opinions?

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I think it’s much more important what your field of study is rather than which of the two state university systems you graduate from.

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Which CSU you talkin’ bout?

It all depends on your field of study. Some employers look for graduates from only the most reputable schools, while others would would be fine with a state university, it just depends on what jobs are available for you particular field. Some fields are doing terrible in this economy, while others are booming.

In my experience, a state university worked out fine; I found a job before I even graduated.

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No, there are very few jobs where the school you received your training will make any difference.

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Isn’t USC like one of the best schools in the country?

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Apparently it no longer matters if you graduated from college at all.

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Definitely depends on your field. I graduated from CSU. Although I don’t think it’s generally as impressive as going to UC, it serves it’s purpose of providing an education.
Most jobs are obtained through networking anyways, so I don’t think it really matters.

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I agree with palbertg, most jobs are obtained through networking. I’m from New York and graduated from a state university. I did just fine and I work with bright minds from NYU and other more prestigious schools.Feel bad for them… all those loans…

However, going to a better school has its benefits such as access to the Alumni networks, access to better job positions relative to your state school. That’s my experience.

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