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What does time travel say about going 5 billion years in the future, when Earth's sun has blown up and destroyed most of our solar system?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30573points) October 12th, 2020

What would happen to the time traveler if Earth no longer existed?

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The Earth spins; it rotates around the Sun; the Sun rotates around the Milky Way; the Milky Way is slowly expanding away from the center of the universe. The point being that if you could instantly change what time you were in, the position of the Earth would be in a very different place and you’d most likely find yourself floating in space. It would be no different if you went to a time where the Earth no longer exists.

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I don’t know it’s all a black hole.

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Before pushing the “Travel” button I’d make sure my device had all the appropriate safety features, including Environmental Precheck, so the machine would not engage if I were to end up in an unsafe place.
I figure the technology will be so advanced it would auto correct for spacial movements and modify coordinates without my input – not unlike moving a block of numbers in Excel.

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H.G. Well’s The Time Machine ends with a pretty apocalyptic view into the future. It is worth reading that chapter if not the whole novella.

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@janbb I read that as a teen-ager and haven’t picked it up since. Maybe time to do so.

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I recently purchased and finished the novel ; Time Ships by Stephen Baxter (1995)

He continues the story of HG Wells ..Time Machine Book.

I found it fascinating about what the future held ( dome structures , no boundaries such as

countries, advanced technology ,vast amounts of knowledge unknown in the present

uploaded to anyone interested , lots of unique ideas presented in story form.

A pristine environment , simplistic yet high tech and created by building structures that are somewhat like a spaceship that expands with interlocking sections .
Like a “mechano” toy set interlocking with pathways to each area.

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Note: Another point in the book is of Multiple universes with “many orders of Infinity.”
page 491 last paragraph ( Time ships).

In short he states:
Mankind will always survive but the form changes to adapt to the environments.

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Time travel says you’d better have a sealed capsule with it’s own air supply.
Science suggests the sun will expand in it’s later years and encompass the three inner planets before shrinking into a dwarf star.

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As mentioned above you can’t talk about time travel without considering space. Therefore you need a time-space machine. Such a time machine would best Include a mechanism that would link it to Earth’s space-time continuum so that it could not escape earth’s gravitational pull.

That said, you can forget about 5 billion years in the future. If someone just traveled 50,000 years into the future he’d likely find humans extinct or nearly so.

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” Such a time machine would best Include a mechanism that would link it to Earth’s space-time continuum so that it could not escape earth’s gravitational pull.”

Such as an elevator in a worm hole?

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