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What are some original passions?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11292points) October 15th, 2020 from iPhone

Many people have passions. I was prompted to choose some of my passions by a dating app. The list of choices was comprehensive, but still begged the question, what if my passion is so unique that it’s not on the list.

Luckily, I don’t really have any passions that couldn’t be found. In fact, I was surprised that even oddly specific passions made the list. That got me thinking. As much as I think I am unique, I am just like many many other people. Even what I think are things that are unique to me, there are others who love the same things.

What are some pastimes that are not common, not easily fit under a bigger umbrella of interests, and only a very few could possibly share in.

For instance, perhaps you raise Beta fish, a fairly unique passion. There is no aquarium interest selection, but ‘animals’ might work. What is an example of an interest that would NOT easily be considered a sub-interest of a larger group.

Maybe, it’s not possible. Every interest could sort of be snuck into a larger interest group.

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Do you perhaps mean “unusual”? “Original” means new, fresh, the first of its kind, the one that was there from the beginning.

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Original, also means, first, not copied, your own, you as the origin. It’s not a strict concept. Don’t be pedantic.

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I can’t think of any. I doubt there are many.

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I think @Jeruba was being helpful trying to understand what the question means, not being pedantic. That is a strange way to use the word ‘original’.

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Using broad categories and then claiming there are no passions not on the list… would be like a restaurant claiming to offer all foods and then making you choose from Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Dairy, and Fruit. “There are no original foods.”

Does it list a passion for pointing out how certain ways of thinking are defective?

How about finding new prime numbers? Or other mathematical specialties?

Passion for training certain types of insects?

Passion for building elaborate models and then setting them on fire and blowing them up?

Passion for criticizing form questions that don’t include an “other” option?

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