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As the human race, are we actually intelligent enough to beat Covid19?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (21148points) October 20th, 2020

We see cases spiking like crazy, some Governments trying to protect the people.
Other Governments claiming it’s a hoax just to make them look bad.
People getting tired of the social distancing and saying to hell with it, then shocked when they come down with it.
Can we actually beat this?
Or let it run its course and count the survivors as the winners?

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We have survived ice ages, asteroid hits, the Black Death, more recently the flu pandemic of 1918 /1919. This too, shall pass.

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Yeah but how many innocent people have to die, because people just had to party, not wear a mask and so on?

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I see your point SQUEEKY and I agree completely, but I just don’t see a solution to that. Short of drastic and Draconian methods being imposed, the world over. And now I have just opened myself up as being suspect as some type of New World Order boogey man with the conspiracy set.

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Well one thing is a hate filled rhetoric blathering president isn’t helping, bad mouthing scientists and experts, then claiming he had and no one should fear it, really tell that to the dead people this pandemic has claimed so far.

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Well said, and agreed.

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And now I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs, waiting for some far right conspiracy fan to log in here, and start up with : “See, we done told you folks, it’s all a plot, and that thar No More feller is in on it! He gonna take our guns, and lock us up in some Walmart basement. Bet he don’t even believe Elvis is still alive!”

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Beat it? Since only a few foolish people are required to sustain and spread the virus, we are more or less doomed to adapt, for clearly we have no shortage of foolish people. Here’s hoping for an effective vaccine.

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Not when you have countries governed by Plague Father Nurgle

Not when you have people that think this is an accurate portrayal off their Plague Father.

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Yes. Eventually.

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Far less “intelligent” creatures, survive diseases….

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Beat it? My guess is it will be around for many many many years. Eventually, we will have much better treatments, hopefully an effective vaccine, and much more immunity in the population and much fewer people will be catching it.

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Yes, and many more people will have died than needed to because, humans.

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We, the US, are a special case – - – -

New Zealand has beat it !

+ We’re being lead by a failed Real Estate promoter (6 bankruptcies) !

+ We’re being lead by Golf resort hack that “chokes”!

+ We’re being lead by anti-science sixth grader !

US has 20% of the deaths and only 4% of the population; with modern medicine ! What is wrong with this picture ?

Look at the failed real estate promoter.

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I’m honestly not sure if it’s us or the virus. Each country handled it a bit differently and we are certainly not the only ones affected.
My personal opinion is that it doesn’t have as much to do with govt leadership as it does human nature, as @gorillapaws mentioned.

The disease has hit certain countries, including the US, Brazil, India, Mexico and the UK with particular cruelty.

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@KNOWITALL New Zealand it down by quarantine of all coming into the country and holding them for 14 days.

Not here !

10’s of thousand came back from China and elsewhere with NO CONTROL or quarantine (that would be against GOP rules) !

Guess where the COVID-19 spread came from ??
Hint HINT ! Returning US citizen without quarantine!

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@KNOWITALL Those countries that you said it hit the hardest,also had the slackest rules for control,I am not impressed on how Canada handled it,but we did far better than those countries.
masks have been proven affective towards keeping this virus at bay,and have become mandatory in public spaces .
I never hear any Canadian screaming wearing a mask is against my freedom.

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@Tropical_Willie I’m a bug promoter of wanting to beat it, and what NZ, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea’s did. Greece handled it fairly well also initially, I hope that is still the case.

The question was humans beating it, and I think we have to remember there is very little international travel happening. When people do travel there is quarantine. Domestically we have states with quarantine for people coming from other states. In Australia, Italy, and other countries that had (maybe still have) very strict quarantine for travel from region to region.

The virus jumped from an animal and we can’t kill or vaccinate all the animals, so the threat of animal to humans again is there.

Just like measles in America there will probably be small outbreaks at times in the world of COVID19, even if we get a vaccine. Hopefully, we get good treatments. Hopefully, the virus does disappear eventually, that would be great, but probably not likely.

If 10,000 people a year are dying from covid every year the population will barely be aware unless it’s reported across the national news in a 24/7 format.

Are we (The world) going to continue not traveling for years across borders and quarantining if low levels of covid are still in the population? I’m all for precautions right now, I wish the whole world would do it in unison and drive the covid down to almost nothing. I see America as one of the biggest problems actually. We have money, we travel a lot, and we have a lot of people not wanting to compromise or sacrifice a little bit. I do think it’s shifting more and more. I see more and more Republican leaders promoting masks and being cautious. We need all the media showing them saying it.

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@JLeslie In the future the COVID-19 number worldwide will come down to Influenza levels for deaths, 60,000 to 100,000 but not next year. Or the next, it maybe 2023 before they come down. Vaccines are the first step.

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Until this runs its course I think companies should have sick pay for employees,to many people will go to work sick for fear of their job, or falling behind in their payments.
One of the biggest things and ole orange hair is totally against this, if you are sick stay HOME, don’t spread it to others.

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@Tropical_Willie I think the same. I keep telling people it will probably be a few years. They keep talking about a vaccine late this year or in 2021. Even if we get a vaccine within a year, or vaccines, I still think it’s a few years until we can go back to a much more normal situation.

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You do know that no vaccine has been discovered for SARS,or mires<hope I spelled those right.

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That probably is because SARS was over so quickly that they stopped developing it.

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@SQUEEKY2 Are you talking to me? I wrote even IF we get a vaccine. The vaccines might not. It looks like we probably will get one or some though. They might be only somewhat effective.

The countries were able to control the SARS outbreak, maybe it also limited itself, I think it was less contagious if I remember correctly.

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Intelligent enough to stop it, yes. Intelligent enough to care, as a whole, no.

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A vaccine is probably not going to the cure all.
They have been able, to stop some pandemics…
However. Viruses have an uncanny ability, to mutate/evolve.

Take the Flu, for example. We have vaccines available. But. They only potentially provide protection from the most strain.

It’s likely that Covid, will be similar.
It will require constant changes in the types of vaccines, which we can discover, and distribute.

In addition. There is human nature.

We are a social species…

We need to gather, and make physical contact.

It’s a defining characteristic, of our species.

We NEED, physical contact.

I have been self quarantined, for many months. But. When I occasionally get to see my friends and family, I just have to hug them.
I know it’s stupid/risky. But. I do it anyways.

Perhaps, it’s because I don’t want to live in a world, where I can’t physically interact with the people I love….

I haven’t hugged my mother, in 7 months… That makes me feel like she, or I, are dead.
It hurts my heart…..

I think that others, feel like that.

This fucking pandemic, is killing us all, in different ways.

I wish you all, good health.

But. There’s more to health, than just not dying from the virus.

I don’t know what is worse. Dying alone in a hospital, or dying alone at home…...


Peace n love, to all of you…...

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@MrGrimm888 “I don’t know what is worse. Dying alone in a hospital, or dying alone at home…...”

Dying alone in a hospital AND spreading a virus that ends up killing hundreds or more from your initial actions IS much, much worse. Any one of us could be responsible for more deaths than the most prolific serial killers in history.

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^I’m just losing my shit. Of course, you’re right….....

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@MrGrimm888 I think we’re all losing our shit at this point. It’s part of our fallible nature—as you correctly mention. We are social beings and isolation goes against our wiring.

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It might not be like flu. We have plenty of stable viruses that we vaccinate very well. Measles, mumps, pertussis, polio, and now we have a better vaccine for shingles than the initial one on the market.

I hear mixed messages about Covid-19, I don’t think we know yet if the mutations really matter. Most experts were saying the vaccine doesn’t target the parts that are mutating.

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@MrGrimm888 When antibiotic resistant infections began, I figured that mankind was truly on the verge of rediscovering the common occurrence of death, like the way things were before the advent of antibiotics 150 years ago when the life expectancy of a man was just 45 instead of the 76 years and 2 months it is now.
Some supposed experts say that Earth should have no more than 500 million people, and we are far beyond that with the UN expecting the population to level out at around 11 billion some time after the turn of this century.
People had better get used to the idea. Common death will be much greater in the coming years before the population of the Earth levels off (at whatever number) or disappears entirely.

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I just realized I listed pertussis. That’s a bacteria.

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