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What's something you keep in a very hard-to-reach place?

Asked by Jeruba (52836points) October 23rd, 2020

Where? And why?

Do you ever actually use it?

Would you use it more if it were more accessible?

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I have a dutch oven that I’ve never used. I don’t even know why I have one. I keep it in the useless cabinets above the refridgerator. I must’ve received it for a wedding gift way back in 1994. It’s totally outlasted my marriage.

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My handgun.
I’m hoping I never have to use it.

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Potato chips. In a bowl on top of the fridge. At least I get my stretching exercises done!

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My Phylactery.

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@ragingloli I did not know that you were a lich? How old are you? Or are you Jewish?

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My champagne flutes. I could reach them when I moved into this house, 22 years ago, but I have shrunk (oh! The outrage!) and I can’t reach them without either a taller friend or a little step.

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I have three purses for when I get very dressed up and go to a fancy party. The purses are kept in a plastic bin way up high on a shelf in my closet. I need a step ladder to get the box down. I use those purses, or rather one of those purses, about once every two years. I wouldn’t use them more if they were more accessible.

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I keep an itch in the very middle of my back. Not sure why I keep it there. I would definitely use it much more if I could reach it.

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