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Suppose you suddenly and mysteriously expired or disappeared, like, right now. Where in your home--in what one single place--would investigators find the most telling clues about your life?

Asked by Jeruba (52202points) October 23rd, 2020

Your pockets, your purse? Your journal? Your garbage can? Your phone?

What would be “the big reveal” in the plot of your life?

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Is answering my desktop computer not what you are looking for in terms of place?

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So simple: yes, your desktop computer could be the answer. But maybe it isn’t. Maybe some real, concrete objects in your environment actually tell more of a story than movies you’ve downloaded and websites you’ve visited. Which would actually reveal more, yesterday’s online search history or the contents of your bathroom wastebasket?

I’m just thinking about how much information about ourselves we routinely and thoughtlessly distribute in our surroundings.

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My computer and Facebook.

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Facebook isn’t a place in your home, though.

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Definitely my current journal. I use it as a form of self-care, so it’s not your stereotypical “dear diary”. It contains “stream of consciousness” exercises from times of emotional turmoil, many to-do lists of the daily annoyances, thoughts I do not usually share, things I learned about myself, and some of my happiest and most grateful moments as well.

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If you’re looking for a place to know me, it would be my bookshelves.

If you wanted to find data about me, it would be my filing cabinets.

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My bedroom, specifically my desk and my reading chair. They would see the books I’m currently reading, as well as work documents, they would get a clue to my hobbies, what I do when I’m alone, and the kinds of things I’m interested in and passionate about. There’s more to the enigma that is me, but that would at least be a start. :)

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Then in my antique buffet. I have 2 journals in there that I used to write in until I discovered Word. It also has 2 pairs of baby shoes and other memorabilia. And the bottom is full of books.

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My 4 big boxes of papers and stuff. Or my selection of books. My PVR list. My Fluther activity.

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A sketchbook of all the places and people I’ve drawn in person

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Tall armoire in my bedroom has books I love, drawing supplies, family photos, and a variety of stuff from grad school.

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No where in particular. Not these days. Now back when I was younger and more buff, probably my book shelf. I used to have a fantasy about joining the Foreign Legion, hell with everything and have a life of adventure. But the clues would have been everywhere. Titles like March or Die, Conquest of the Sahara, Conquest of Morroco, Our Friends Beneath the Sands, might have given them a clue. Lol. Or my movie collection, titles like Beau Geste, Desert Legion, Timbuktu, etc. But that was long ago and far away. Woulda Coulda Shoulda huh?

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Stared at the books in my buffet with an eye to offloading them…..I CAN’T DO IT! I suppose I could at least put them in a box so we can move the buffet when the time comes. ;(

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I’ve culled my books over the years and what’s left is the best of the best.

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@Dutchess_III I feel ya, I have been tempted to get rid of some of mine too but I just can’t do it. Still enjoy reading them now and then. The movies I might part with. Usually have a family movie night when my 11 yr old grand daughter is there but all the child will watch are princess movies and animal movies. Paw Paw movies are old and gross, according to her. Lol

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@ Dutchess_III Well I mean which is worse..watching a poor little dog and cat being left by the family, and having to cross the country to get back with them, or seeing a handful of Legionaires get wiped out Arabs? Or watching some dang ol’ ugly witch being mean to Princess and Prince Charming, or a desert fort under siege by Riff bandits? It all comes out in the wash in the end!

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Google’s evil vault of tracking my every movement via my “smart” device.

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I write my daily activities in my exercise journal. It is an unbroken chain that goes back to January 1983. I think it’s pretty boring but one person seemed captivated reading it.

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My basement. There are unfinished projects, tax records, experiments, electronic equipment, and more lawn and garden chemicals than a Home Depot.

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My basement, my garage and my top dresser drawer.

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