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Did you see Trump had a rally today at The Villages?

Asked by JLeslie (61784points) October 23rd, 2020 from iPhone

Lots of people gathered here at our polo field to see Trump do his thing. Most of them had no masks on. I read that all people would be temperature checked and given masks and expected to wear masks. It looked like maybe 20% of people had masks on. I have no idea if people were actually temperature checked.

Hopefully, people were able to distance if they wanted to outside of the camera shot, it’s a huge field. Still, thousands crowded together no mask. A superspreader here could be a disaster like the nursing homes. Crossing my fingers no one got sick today.

Most of my friends went shopping today and went swimming and plan on staying away from people the next ten days or so and see how it’s going.

What’s your bet? Do you think we will get lucky and not have covid cases from that rally?

I doubt Trump being here has any effect on the vote. I doubt anyone is undecided here. I also would bet over 50% of Villagers have voted already.

There are some people in the audience who don’t live in The Villages.

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I heard of it on the radio. Everywhere with large events (political, religious, social) will boost the coronavirus numbers.

Sadly, the Trumpanzees will live long enough to cast votes.

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@Call_Me_Jay MSNBC and CNN keep playing clips.

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Here’s some video. Quite a few people behind him have masks on, but other shots of the crowd almost no one does.

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So, JL, I guess you weren’t there with a red hat on?   ~jk

I saw the story and thought of you, hoping there’s no dangerous fallout in your vicinity.

In one of those bizarre WTH flashes, I’m thinking, how can we have got to where it seems normal to talk about a U.S.president traveling around the country and spreading not only mistrust and division and hatred but also potentially lethal disease wherever he goes?

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I definitely was not there.

Early in the afternoon a close friend of mine texted me a recording from her TV of the crowds with no masks. She saw her neighbor on the MSNBC video! She was so upset. She said she doesn’t even want to take her morning walk for two weeks.

Another friend isn’t going to go to line dancing for two weeks. She ran out to the supermarket to stock up. Her 93 year old mom lives with her.

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I heard about that. Y ‘all just SOL

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Please stay safe, @JLeslie. I know you will be very careful, I hope the others in your household are as good about it as you are.

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Luckily, The Villages has had very low caseload, but the surrounding areas are the scariest part. They were at that rally too. I see people under 55 there, including some children. I’m just going to hope no covid was spread, we will see.

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@JLeslie Hope you are right but Trump rallies don’t have a good track record. Superspreader events – - Trump rallies !

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Of course covid was spread.

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