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Is there a way you can retrieve lurve from a prior Fluther incarnation?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (2690points) 3 weeks ago

I was looking at some older threads tonight and found one that had one of my answers from back in 2017. Different user name, of course, but similar. Or when you come back do you have to start over? I suspect so but thought I’d give this a shot?

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You have to start over with a new account

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Yeah I figured as much. I could have had a zillion lurv by now.

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We can help you unlock your old account if you’d like. But that would be the only way to get your old lurve score back.

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@SavoirFaire Thanks but even with y’all’s help I’d probably screw things up irretrievably…not very tech savvy here.

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No problem! Just let us know if you ever change your mind.

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