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Permission to fly a helicopter?

Asked by garythompson (23points) September 6th, 2008

Do you need to correspond with air traffic control to fly and operate a helicopter?

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Short answer, yes.

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Not exactly. There is plenty on uncontroled airspace, close to the ground that you could operate within and ATC (air traffic controll) wouldn’t even know you were there until you piled it up. Then all you have to be concerned about are police, neighbors and anyone that doesn’t like noise or aircraft, your wife, your pocket book and your butt. They are very difficult to controll and very expensive to own & operate and cannot be rented and usually not be borrowed

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To fly a helicopter you must have a current license and a current medical certificate on your person.

As far as contact with ATC you may or may not need to be in contact with them. It depends on where you are flying. Different airspace has different requirements in order to keep your license you must abide by their (The FAA’s) rules. When I fly I normally do not contact ATC but that is only due to where I fly. So, the short answer in my case is no.

There are of course many other requirements, weather, inspections, maintenance, pilot recency and qualifications but that is a whole other topic.

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Permission granted..just remember to bring back the flight pass.

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