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What does the new firmware update mean for my iPhone?

Asked by Monshin (13points) September 6th, 2008

I just got the iPhone and now Apple is coming out with a firmware update. Will my iPhone 3G be able to acquire this update, or is it only for iPhones that haven’t been manufactured yet? It seems like such a short time between the initial release, but such is the world of high tech I suppose.

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the new firm ware (2.02) is bug fixes for the iPhone. Newly manufactured iPhones will probably have it installed already. When you connect an iPhone to iTunes it will work out if you have the newest firmware and if not give you the choice to update your phone.

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Yeah, it’ll work on your iphone.

@lightly, I think it’s 2.1 they’re going to be releasing and it might be more than just bug fixes. According to ars technica; “there are other parts to 2.1 that were specifically removed from developer seeds in order to keep them secret from the world. This both excites and worries us, because if true, then there are features coming in the newest firmware that have not been widely tested outside of Apple. On the other hand, we’re suckers for a surprise.”

I hope it’s copy & paste. That’s loooong overdue. (I know that’s a pretty boring wish, but I do wish for it pretty much daily)

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The rumor is it’s copy and paste and the ability for apps to run as a daemon. Which means IM programs could stay connected all the time, you could get stock, weather, and news alerts in real time and much more.

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As far as I was aware the next major update was to try and solve some of the problems the iphone has with 3G connectivity and that all new features had been moved back to a later update.

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All firmware updates should work with your iPhone.

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