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What do you think the Trump team is doing right now?

Asked by Pandora (30734points) November 6th, 2020

So for the purpose of this question imagine it’s a clear win for Biden with no way out for Trump. There are always rumors about Trump getting angry and lashing out. So that means there are people who probably can’t stand him working with him. So do you think they will pick up and leave or hang around for the transition? Will they brush up their resume and leave for greener pastures? Will they tell him how they felt about him before leaving or spill all the stories to the press?

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~If I was Trumps team I would be shredding evidence. However It would be considered obstruction of justice even if their is no guilt.

I would take Air Force One on an one way trip to Argentina.

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They’re frantic and busy trying to do exactly what conservatives claim we here are guilty of trying—invalidating Biden’s legal election. Trump has tasked his entire staff to come up with any scheme that avoids the truth. He himself of course is in front of the parade, and reverted to his signature tactic of lying into the microphone yesterday. But this time the outlets were ready for him and the major networks took the unprecedented step of snatching that microphone away through cutting the fool off mid speech.

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Cleaning out their desks, loading up on White House matches, ash trays, copy paper, pencils and pens, staplers, TV remotes, silverware, coffee cups, toilet paper, light bulbs, door hinge pins, door knob screws, ... You know…

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@kritiper I would be requesting lavish food requests from the White House chefs. Also free KFC and McDonald’s on the presidential expense accounts. For the last three months before I get kicked out. I would be pardoning non violent criminals.

Also does anyone know the limit to the Presidental expense accounts?

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@RedDeerGuy1 Nope sure don’t.
@Kritiper LOL
@stanleybmanly Yes, and I’m loving it.
@hmmmmmm I don’t think the ones that don’t like him will be crying. Unless you mean they will make trump cry on their way out.
@RedDeerGuy1 Or quickly gather the evidence and pretend you never knew and turn it over.

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Trump and close advisors standing by for new talking points from Putin and Fox News. Pence standing in a corner like a storefront manaquin. As usual.

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Writing a tell all book.
Looking for work.
Begging democrats to hire them.
Realizing that they have a ruined reputation.
Some will try and gain jobs on Trumps purposed Network plan.

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Trump is crying and whining.

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It’s all the fault of the deep state New World Order led by Hillary Obama Sleepy Joe Pocahontas pick one.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Well don’t cry for Trump, Argentinaaaaa… C’ mon everybody, sing along!

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It’s his patriotic imperative to fight to save America and stop Biden from turning the USA into a socialist country.

All his patriotic, god-fearing, Christian, family-loving, America-loving supporters need to mobilise to stop Biden from ruining the country with his evil anti-American socialism—if this means lying and cheating, and concocting evidence-free conspiracies, then that’s a price worth paying for the greater good.

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Making sure their passports are up to date and googling countries that won’t extradite them.

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As of 11:30 a.m Saturday when the news announced Biden won PA, and therefore won the Presidency, Trump and his team and clan are probably outraged and crying.

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The Bright Blue World has finally dawned.

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Trump had gone golfing to shield him from the joyous crowds cheering on Biden’s win.

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Yeah they said he’s at his golf course in Delaware, @Inspired_2write.

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@RedDeerGuy1 “Also does anyone know the limit to the Presidental expense accounts?”

The President doesn’t have an expense account per se. There’s not really a limit when it comes to official functions as Head of State, but the President can’t just spend at his leisure either. His personal meals, groceries, entertainment, etc, for example, are at his own expense, not the taxpayer dime.

At least that’s how it’s supposed to work. With Trump who the fuck knows.

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Let’s hear it for American Socialism! (It doesn’t have to be a bad thing…)

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When Republicans won the last election, they were all over social media saying the Dems were in their Cry Closets. Now the Republicans are in their Cry Closets.

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@Kropotkin You hit the nail on the head. It is exactly what they are doing. But I meant in a more personal level. Like if you worked for Trump and knew that throwing a tantrum wasn’t going to actually change the results.

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@Pandora You’re right. I drifted off a bit from the intent of your question.

Trump just fires anyone who doesn’t indulge him. The people who last the longest are the ones who will gladly reinforce any fantasy he believes, and maybe even believe them themselves.

The ones who have been cast aside haven’t been particularly loud. There’s been so many that it’s hard to remember who he has fired, and their sheer number sort of dilutes their relevance and impact.

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