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Is Twitter's name for their new disappearing-Tweet product particularly bad?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30905points) November 17th, 2020

Twitter has announced a new product – tweets that will disappear after 24 hours.

They’re calling it Fleets.


When i saw that, I immediately thought of the other Fleet company, the one that makes enemas and suppositories.

their URL

Did Twitter choose a good name for their ephemeral communications?

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It’s for all the times Trump sharts via their platform.

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Yes. “Queets” would have been so much better—suggesting quiet and quit, and not sounding like a laxative.

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What’s the point of it, though, anyway? I’m not into twitterature, but I’m wondering if it’s a feature that some people will really want to use or if it’s just something they’ll wish other people would use.

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Facebook and Instagram have the same feature, only with photos and not posts. And it’s called “story”.

At least Twitter tries to be creative.

@Dutchess to this day I still don’t understand the function of “story” either. Why upload anything if you just want it to disappear soon after anyway?

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I don’t use Twitter or the story feature on Facebook but the point is that you want friends or followers to see this post but you don’t want it to part of your record permanently. My DIL uses Story quite a bit to share snippets of their day with friends and family. I would imagine it could be quite useful for a politician who wants to put out a dog whistle but hopes the general population won’t hear of it.

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@janbb that sounds reasonable. However, people can always screenshot your Story and make it permanent if they want. It can turn against you if you post something controversial, no matter how quickly it disappears. I’ve seen it happen all the time with celebrity drama, especially with something that the general public feel shouldn’t be on Story in the first place like an apology which can create an impression of “sorry I’m not sorry” when it’s put on Story to vanish a few hours later. When something is on the Internet, there is a high chance it will stay forever.

So, I still don’t think Story is a very good strategy. If I ever want to post something, I make sure I’m totally responsible for it. Otherwise I won’t post, at all.

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@Mimishu1995 Yup. Don’t disagree but just stating why some might want to use it. And in my DIL’s case it’s probably not to hide anything but just that it’s ephemera she is sharing that doesn’t need to stay on her page.

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