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Should a married man mention he's going to be alone on the holiday?

Asked by honeybun35 (622points) November 24th, 2020

A very nice married man made it known several times on a study group that his wife is working. She is a dr. and have to work for 12 hours that day. He want to do a extended study stream that day.
He is asking viewers to keep him company.

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In the US, 51.8% of all divorces are the result of a man online letting his viewers know that he’ll be alone for the holiday. In 92% of these cases, the reason the man is alone is due to his wife being a physician and having to work for 12 hours during the holiday.

It’s a problem for sure.

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Really? I didn’t think so. I thought since he was home he would be studying an extra day.
Isn’t that making him busy since she is stuck at the hospital?

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He’s used to being alone. His wife works odd and long hours, and when she does he likes to order out and kick back and relax. He’s been known to call ex-girlfriends while alone, and he sometimes fantasizes that he’s not married at all.

Now, his wife was not supposed to be working this holiday, but there was some confusion with the schedule, and she ended up having to work. She’s quite disappointed, and they’re unable to have family over because his mother-in-law is quite ill and not in any state to be exposed to Covid-19. It’s not worth it.

So, he’s going be home alone and would like some of his viewers to keep him company. Things could get tricky.

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He seems to be very innocent though. I think he is in church and he teaches. He is very quiet too. I thought maybe he wanted some attention. He is very friendly to females but that is his personality. One thing I may add he looked like a sad puppy when he mentioned that he would be alone.

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Good luck. Something to keep in mind is that he has been married twice before. His first wife was also a physician, and he held an extended study stream during Christmas, which resulted in an affair.

In an unrelated note, he was a conjoined twin at birth, but his twin didn’t make it. This is something that has bothered him his whole life.

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Oh my ok. That is true things can happen online.

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If it’s only studying and nothing inappropriate, I see no harm in it myself. Lots of people get lonely at the holidays and reaching out is recommended, especially in 2020.

If it gets weird in any way, just leave.

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Yes that makes sense.

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The guy is just hoping someone asks him over for dinner. Thanksgiving alone can be hard!

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I can’t understand what the issue is here.

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He’s probably feeling the holiday blues since his wife got stuck at work and misery loves company. We put so much pressure on ourselves to celebrate holidays and feel out of place and depressed when we have no one to spend the day with.
When my husband was in the military we often invited people from his unit who were single and not going home for the holiday. Of course with Covid it’s even more difficult to spend time with friends or family. So I suspect there will me more people feeling the holiday blues this year.
It’s not like you get married and suddenly you don’t care for company on a holiday.

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Yea that make sense. I have heard of that and absolutely with covid 19 it’s even worse.
On top of being alone the gatherings are limited. He does seem really sad. He would like company from his study buddies online.

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@honeybun35 That sounds reasonable. Many of us are going to be alone and looking to fill the day.

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Exactly. Maybe the study will help.

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