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How good are you at backing up a trailer?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20815points) November 24th, 2020

Does it take you several tries to get it where you want it?
Do you use your mirrors, or do you have your door open and looking backwards as you back it up?
What style do you use?

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A trailer? Yikes, I can barely back up a Corolla. It must drive the neighbors nuts to watch me park in front of my house, trying to get closer than 18” to the curb without jamming the tires into it. Sometimes I wiggle back and forth 4 or 5 times, with nobody parked in front of me and an open driveway behind me.

I have wondered how drivers maneuver those big things. My best range for estimating distances is between about 0 and 6 inches, preferably on paper. I can tell the difference between an en dash and an em dash in 8 point type and recognize a slash (virgule) that shouldn’t be in italics.

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My husband is a master backer. He really likes doing it too. He backs into places he could simply drive in to.

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I really stink at it. Takes me about 15 tries usually.

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I am no good at it. The few times I have driven with a trailer I made sure to park where I never had to back up.

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Not good at all. I’ve next to no experience, and too old to want to learn now.

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I wouldn’t ever attempt it. I would be dreadful at it.

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Are you kidding? I have enough trouble with a Ford Focus, forget a trailer! My husband could probably do it with a little practice, but not me.

I will say that I have watched some truck drivers back into places and I watch in awe.

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I don’t think I’ve ever tried with an actual full-sized vehicle.

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One time we got stuck on a park road because some goofball was trying and trying and trying, for 20 minutes he was trying to back his trailer into position. It was all Rick and I could do not to jump out of the truck, throw the guy out of the driver’s seat, post me up on the driver’s side rear fender where Rick could see me in his rear view mirror (I’m his parking wingman) and park that puppy in less than 60 seconds.

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Right now I have an SUV but the biggest vehicle I ever drove was a flatbed from Home Depot. I didn’t back it out of the driveway, I had someone else do it.

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I’ve driven flat bed trailers. Also a 20 or 30 foot UHaul from Wichita to our new home 50 miles away. I had some guys from the church helping my and they tried to insist on driving it. I was like “No. I paid for it I drive it!”
Never backed anything up tho. Just gave directions.

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I showed Mrs Squeeky how to back up a trailer ,she isn’t overly good at it but can get it done.

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Takes practice.

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^-Yup. I still have trouble backing up my canoe trailer. I custom made a long ramp, on the back to easily just get close to the water. Then I drag my boat off, and back on.

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