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How are single people coping with covid restrictions?

Asked by crazyguy (2014points) 1 month ago

I have been happily married for over 47 years. So being stuck at home is no hardship.

However, reflecting back on my single days, I remember the singles bar scenes, where men and women used to congregate, hoping to meet Mr or Ms Right, even if it is for just one night!

So I am curious as two how single men and women in their 20s are handling coronavirus.

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Not being a single 20-year-old, it’s hard to say. As a single 60+ year old, it’s not much difference on a day to day basis. You take precautions and don’t do stupid stuff.

My guess, for the 20–30 year old cohort, is that there is considerably less sexual activity going on, which likely means a reduction in abortions and a lessening of supply of adoptable babies.

I imagine that condom purchasing is significantly down. Sales of vibrators and similar sexual aids is probably significantly increased.

I would guess that STDs are probably significantly lower because there is less sex than before. On the other hand, it isn’t a stretch to think that mail-order BDSM equipment is probably a big seller.

I would further guess that porn streaming sites are doing extremely well.

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I’m single in my 50’s, not dating so dating and meeting people is not an issue.

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Most people don’t meet in singles bars anymore, so that has nothing to do with Covid.

People still meet on line, it just gets harder to get past the introductory phase. I met a woman on line just before the shutdown, in fact we cancelled a dinner date because it was for the weekend of March 21. But we conversed via FaceTime and eventually met for a socially distant date. We started seeing each other for outside activities (hikes, bike rides) about once or twice a week.

We were contemplating getting tested together and then isolating before a more intimate date, but she decided we weren’t that good of a long term match, and we ended in early June.

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Very well, thank you.

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@kritiper Your answer is the only one that surprised me. How can you be doing “Very well”, given the restrictions, in many cases self-imposed, on being intimate with strangers. In fact the whole definition of intimate is now letting somebody inside your 6-ft circle!

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