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What is this "zoom" thing I keep hearing about?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (4415points) 1 month ago

I hear people talking about it in here all time, and in own family?

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.My daughter and 11 year old grand daughter (daughters niece)
were having a text fest last week about setting up a zoom thing on my lap top. I gather it’s some type of conference thing? They were trying to get live feed of my great grandson newly born. (Yeah I’m old as dirt, stay on topic).

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@Nomore_lockout: How old are you?

Zoom is a way to have meetings (work meetings, personal meetings) using your phone or computer, where it has video and audio so it’s like watching TV and seeing the other meeting attendees. You can do it without video, or post a profile photo in place of video, and it also includes chat so you can chat (by typing) to the group or to a singular attendee, where only the singular attendee sees what you type.

The Zoom conference is set up by a host, who sends out a meeting ID number and password, and she or he lets the attendees into the meeting.

I have attended zoom meetings for work, for a sewing group I’m in and for a book group I’m in. Friends attend them for family occasions. I know people can attend them for dating and meeting virtually too.

With zoom meetings, you can be comfy in your house and not have to travel, plus with the Covid, everyone is safe. You can also do it on your phone and so sitting in the car or by a lake or where ever is convenient.

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Ok figured it was something like that. Well I will let them deal with it, daughter is 39 and grand is going on 12 so they have a better temperament for stuff like that. And I’m 67. I know, I was around when Moses was knee high to a frog. As my Old Pappy used to say. But pappy said a lot of weird shit.

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@jca2 thank you for clarifying that. But people do dates with that crap? What ever happened to dinner and a movie?

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@Nomore_lockout Nobody has done “dinner and a movie” since March 15. People don’t want to die.

Love in the Time of Covid.

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@zenvelo Aren’t we a cheerful chappy? Just kidding buddy. I meant that rhetorically speaking.

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Once you’ve masted Zoom, be on the lookout for WebEx, then Google Meet, then Teams, then Connect, t-then…g-g…ack…ztztc…ztzz. . . •

I’ve had meetings and/or taught classes on every single one of those since March.

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@cookieman Think I’ll pass on all that. Grand kids are at school wife is with me daughter works sisters can drop dead. There’s no one I need to do zoomy woomy with. Sounds like some kinda Buck Rogers in the 25th Century space cadet crap to me. I’ll stick with Roy Rogers myself. Old school here.

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@Nomore_lockout Does your computer have a camera, mic and speakers? Do you use email? If yes to all of the above then you can be totally passive. Your kids can send you an email with a link to click. It will connect you automatically.
Make sure you are wearing a clean shirt.
You can skip pants if you remember to not stand up.

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Just let me ride to the ridge where the West commences, gaze at the moon until Iose my senses, can’t stand Covid and I can’t stand fences,.don’t tech me in. :)

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Lol @ LuckyGuy

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@Nomore_lockout Remember when Dick Tracy’s two-way wrist radio was really fiction? I was awestruck when it was upgraded in the 1960’s to a two-way wrist TV!

Now they have wristband devices that’ll do almost anything you can do on a laptop or desktop computer.

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@Strauss Now that is something I could use.

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I still don’t see dating with this thing though. The other uses yeah. But if you want to dance and romance, you can’t do that on a computer screen.

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Oh crap..Someone said something about a password and code? So that’s what that was. Got something like that on my phone the day they were trying to set all that up and I deleted it, though it was spam or robo call crap. Well they’ll have to try it again I guess. Glad I don’t know how that disappeared. Got to run folks, got some whistleing past a graveyard to do. Sheeesh…

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I’m a bit sad. My Washington family did a lot of Thanksgiving Zooming….and no one thought to include me. Crying.

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I’m sorry Dutchy that is bs. You ok? Why do they treat you like that

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Oh no no no no. It was not a deliberate snob. It just didn’t occur to them because I’ve been in Kansas my whole life. I was never a part of the family thing.
I told my 13 year old grandson that I didn’t have a gramma growing up. He was flabbergasted.

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Well I feel better now, I was concerned about you when I read that last night but my phone died right after I posted that. Happy to know that you’re ok. But I feel ya. @Dutchess_III

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kids over again today! Makin bacon!

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Go for it Dutchy! Mmmm Mmmmm good! Can’t beat it with a stick!

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