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How does wearing a mask inside public spaces affects one's freedom?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (21914points) December 2nd, 2020

Right now in this Pandemic that is rapidly killing people.
Wearing a face mask ,and social distancing is the only defence we have at this moment, so why are some so upset over having to wear a mask?
Most stores up here will give you a mask if you don’t have one, so cost can not be the issue.

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You can have fun with it as well, someone being a jerk has no idea that you can stick your tongue out at them and they will never know.

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Here in the US, it is more of an EXCUSE to make a political statement!!! I’m hoping that after Jan 20 that people will once again start thinking more rational than political. @SQUEEKY2 I t’s also more difficult to read lips…Instead of sticking my tongue out, you have NO idea how many “fuck you’s” I’ve passed out!!! LoL

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I love that^^^

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It reminds me of people being upset at being made to wear a seatbelt or helmet.

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it doesn’t, IMO. They’re just being babies who don’t want to do what Dad told them to do.

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I took my 7 year old granddaughter to the store the other day. I had to tie her mask on cuz it was too big. It almost covered her entire face.
Then I pointed my camera at her and said “Smile big!” ......

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These conservatives who complain at having to wear a mask are warriors on the front lines of liberty!

They tirelessly fight for freedom of expression, including the right to demonstrate and speak out against injustice. They kneeled with Kap and supported the rights of athletes. They are on the front lines in the fight to protect women’s right of reproductive freedom. These patriots never support authoritarian governments or leaders who want to limit voter participation through redistricting, and tirelessly fight against unjust and dystopian voter id requirements.

If it were not for these heroes, who would protect our right to infect the most vulnerable among us? It’s our right as God-fearing Americans to be able to infect and kill someone just so we can shop at Walmart for five minutes without wearing a mask.


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They are just making that complaint because wearing masks are uncomfortable. It would be solved If higher comfort masks become mainstream.

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There are far more comfortable masks @RedDeerGuy1 they just cost more and most people don’t want to spend a dime on something like a mask.

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@SQUEEKY2 Maybe the comfortable masks should be covered under healthcare.

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It has no effect on our freedoms whatever. As I’ve said before, there is an ultra conservative, conspiratorial mind set out there, and I’m sure there are folks like that in Canada as well, who believe with every essence of their being, that Covid 19 is all some strange plot by “them”, who ever in hell that is, to take our freedom and marshal in a New World Order. I’ve tried to reason with people like that, you CAN’T do it. Screw them, let them die if they want. I’m about to that point. I am fed up to my ears with these morons. And they are numerous in Texas. Not Austin so much, but out lying areas.

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In 20 years wearing a mask will be as normal as wearing pants. The grade school kids will be the first to adopt wearing a mask because it is all they know.

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Nah. The vaccine is here @RedDeerGuy1

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It’s right in line with their other passions. You know them all by now: the rejection of such trifles as science and common sense. There was a time, when I was younger, that it was unfashionable to openly admit to such tendencies. I seem to recall a time when ignorant people would exert considerable effort to conceal said ignorance from the society at large and willful stupidity was regarded as both a vice and a handicap. Not any more. Nowadays people openly brag about being stupid and rush to don badges openly declaring the fact to the point that our entire language is being distorted with such terms as “heartland” and “middle America” demoted to levels of reverence associated with maga hats, monster truck rallies and snake handling. Things have now reached a point where I actually cringe at the thought of uttering aloud the sentiment that “I’m proud to be an American” for fear of being classified with the misanthropes who have hijacked both “patriotism” and the very flag itself as logos for themselves. It’s like living in some perverted zoo.

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As much as having to wear clothes does.
These same people would be throwing fits if they saw a woman breastfeeding in public.

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Just an excuse. They are just being Sneetches.

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@jca2 “It reminds me of people being upset at being made to wear a seatbelt or helmet.”

That’s really good; it made me think of this analogy: being upset for being forced to secure a load in their truck from flying out of the back and causing a wreck on the highway, killing a bunch of other people in the process.

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Because I don’t like being told what to do! >:(

But let’s also enact martial law and have another election because I didn’t like the result.

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I liken it to 2nd hand smoke. Which was made impossible by banning smoking in most instances. Well. In my area.

People said it would kill the bar business. Wrong. People just built more outside seating, and did just fine…

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