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Did any jellies receive masks in the mail from your county or state?

Asked by JLeslie (60089points) 1 month ago from iPhone

A few friends who live in Palm Beach County Florida received several cloth masks in different colors. We assume they went to all residents.


Can’t help but make a sarcastic remark that it probably means the resident at Mar-a-Lago received them too!

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Not in the mail but at a central location, they were donated a few thousand by a clothing company. They were the white kind made of tee shirt material. They didn’t have any writing on them.

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No but my wife made and sent out 900 to local hospital and 450 to local long term care facilities !
She also sent out 75 to family and friends.

Didn’t receive any from county.

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Once we got home from the cruise/quarantine my wife began making masks. She sold over 400 of them.
Not long ago, someone we never met, who is on my wife’s FaceBook sewing club page sent us some wonderful embroidered masks.
The Government? Only the ones we were given while being held.

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HA! Good joke. Nope

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No. Georgia doesn’t do things like that. Heck, the governor hear barely supports wearing masks.

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I wish it was my governor to all residents. I did receive an email months ago that the state purchased 14 million cloth masks, I’m not sure who they went to.

The original post was just about one county in Florida though.

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@JLeslie I believe they were passed out at some public COVID testing locations. My son got 3 free masks when he was tested (I didn’t get any, but didn’t go to a county testing site). Our public library handed them out until they ran out. Our county had distributions months ago. Kids and teachers attending brick & mortar public schools each get a few. I had two sitting on my desk at work at a public university. (I don’t know which, of any, of these examples were provided based on public money…). But I’m not aware of dissemination to people who didn’t leave the house in this part of FL.

Good on Palm Beach county.

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