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Who is going to kill Trump supporters advised to "fight to the death"?

Asked by YARNLADY (44656points) 1 month ago

Who are they supposed to fight and how will that help their LOST cause?

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These Trump people get more psychotic by the day.

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I will. I once took an oath to defend this country against all foes, foreign and domestic.

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I think when they get through “jump to conclusions” and “running-off at the mouth”, maybe then they’ll jump to conclusions; off of the fifth floor parking garage?

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Maybe it’s metaphorical, and just means they should “fight” (by giving money to pay Trump’s debts) “to the death” (until they have no more money to give to Trump).

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I’m sort of hoping that they die heroic martyrs deaths – sort of like the people at Jonestown who offed themselves for some whacko religio-political ideals of theirs.

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Perhaps it will be the coronavirus, after they attend yet another unmasked and compacted Donald Lame Duck-driven fascist fest.


Were you in the military?

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@Zaku, and then they can turn to their Republican Senate for a relief package. Plus a healthcare program to sustain them as they deal with the aftereffects of their new preexisting condition.

@elbanditoroso, that’s a very good analogy, because they offed themselves not for a religious ideal but because of the crazed paranoia of their cult leader, who held them in thrall with a power greater than their own instincts for self-preservation.

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Don’t expect me to go down easy. I took an oath too, and I never unoathed.

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I think at the end of the day, with the exception of a few crackpots, everyone just wants to live at home peacefully and will move on once they realize their life won’t change once Biden gets into office. They still will be able to work (for those not affected by covid) and the rich will still get richer, things will get quieter because the news won’t have something idiotic to report. There will still be our shootings, there will still be covid and racist cops. And eventually, people will be able to travel safely once vaccines hit the general public and the market will go up and crash and climb up again. And the nation will still be in debt like it’s been with Trump, and all that anger they have will be forgotten as they get back to living and back to their bars to drink and churches to pray.

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Biden has sworn to do the very opposite of most of that.

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Where can I volunteer?

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Their own idiocy essentially kills them.

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@mazingerz88, they can do a lot of damage first, though. As we’ve been seeing. These guys are fanatics. In another time, a plot to kidnap the governor of a U.S. state would have been a big deal. Zealotry in any cause is dangerous.

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@FutureMemory, that sounds glib at first, but actually it’s a very interesting question. If you want to defend against zombified Trumpists with guns in their hands, where can you volunteer? police? army? a citizen militia? the Democratic party? the RCMP?

I’m thinking now of the colonial Minutemen. They’re part of our national identity and mythology. What sort of model are they for us now?

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I keep thinking about this, and the Georgia official who said, “This has to stop. Somebody’s going to get killed,” and it occurs to me (as Trump hinted back when he was running in 2016) that that would not bother him. He wants it.

If he doesn’t care about the hundreds of thousands dead and dying from the virus, why would he care about one more getting shot? He wants a martyr for the (his) cause.

Can you imagine what use he and his minions would make of a dead Trumpist? All they have to do is threaten enough, without pulling a trigger, and somebody on the other side will fire the shot that turns one of them into a chanting slogan.

The shooter could even be the Trumpist fanatic most eager to sacrifice himself for the sake of the result. A loyal Judas. Nothing about this idea should surprise us, given the context.

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