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Can a hot apartment cause mild anxiety?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24649points) December 13th, 2020

I’m at a loss as to why I have anxiety? Also could it be all the sugar?

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Have you been exercising or lifting things that are heavy? I get some sort of rebound anxiety from taxing my muscles. I’ve never heard other people describe it, but it’s very real for me. The anxiety is usually at the end of the day after ping a lot of heavy lifting.

Are you taking any new medications?

Are you worried about something new?

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@JLeslie I am worried about what to do with myself. Long term and short term. I am trying to save money, and pay off my debt.. I also just found out that one needs more than a master’s degree in psychology to practice. You also need to be licensed and pass a test and get 1–3 thousand hour’s of supervised practice.

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Yes absolutely a hot apartment can cause anxiety.
Add the sounds of some idiot neighbor using a subwoofer or soundbar, and then combined with the heat, it would be outright torture.

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Hot apartment? Yes.
Bad diet? Yes.
Current events? Yes.

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I can’t find the original source, but I remember learning in college psychology classes that heat and being crowded were the biggest predictors of frustration which that particular study could find.

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Can you just crack open the windows a little if you can’t control the heat? We used to do that in college. We couldn’t set a temperature, they just sent in tons of heat. It was a centralized steam system.

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There are so many aspects of life nowadays that can facilitate anxiety.

I understand how you feel. Anxiety is just part of my personality. I can sometimes overcome it briefly with effort (I never take the anxiety drugs that doctors offer me). My close friends likely refer to me as the guy with the nervous personality.

I’m sorry that you and others are experiencing this. Hope you find your anxiety trigger(s). Try to stay away from medications.

Stay strong! Good health!

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You’re hot in the winter?! The thought of wasting energy like that would give me anxiety!
Adjust your thermostat down. If you can’t control the heat then do something about he heat delivery system. Reduce the flow from the registers, cover a portion of the radiators. As a last resort, crack open a window. Do that last.

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Sugar? yes. I stopped with energy drinks and my anxiety has gotten better

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@JLeslie No. I’m not allowed to open the windows in winter. They don’t want cracked water pipes.

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Can you regulate the temperature? Are you wearing summer clothing to try to be cooler? It’s not good to be hot all the time. You can dehydrate abd it’s uncomfortable.

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What kind of heating system is it.? Forced air? Hot water baseboard (where there is a radiator close to the ground that runs along most of the walls)? Free standing radiator (usually made of cast iron and a standing next to a wall)?
All of them have a balance adjustment. If the adjustment is gone you still balance and reduce the heat by restricting air flow through the device.
Of course you should use the adjusters on the register but you don’t want to or they are rusted in place:
You can put some dishes over the forced air register openings.
You can shove a cotton towel in the bottom of half of the baseboard heat registers.
You can put aluminum foil and a dish over the top and partially down the back of the free standing radiators.
That cuts down the airflow and reduces the heat out of the system.
You should not try to complete seal them. Try half way and see if that works.

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If there are vents you might be able to just close half the vents.

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