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Should pro-Trump supporters on January 6 be countered by pro-Biden supporters?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25652points) 2 weeks ago from iPhone

Pro-Trump supporters are going to rally and demand that Congress overturn the results of the recent election. Congress is set to certify the electoral college votes on Jan. 6.

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I doubt it will do much good, and by letting the republican terrorists do their thing, it will show them up as the treasonous seditionists they really are.

There is no real advantage to confronting them.

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If you really want to, go ahead and bring them some tissues.

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There aren’t that many pro-Biden supporters. Ten cars at an outdoor event compared with tens of thousands of Trump supporters waiting outside an arena?

Biden supporters do a lot of rioting and looting but they aren’t that numerous,.

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No. The Trump supporters should be met with the National Guard.

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@Yellowdog “There aren’t that many pro-Biden supporters. Ten cars at an outdoor event compared with tens of thousands of Trump supporters waiting outside an arena?”

You all should really get some non-idiotic talking points. Biden supporters, unlike the imbecilic Trump cult, respect and value health and safety. That’s why they were not holding huge rallies during the campaign. Unlike Trump, the malignant narcissist, who was actively turning campaign stops into superspreader events because he needs adulation and attention (to hell with the well being of others).

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Pro-Biden supporters should be smart and stay safe and not spread the virus. Pro-Trump supporters can continue to have hissy fits but shouldn’t be allowed to destroy anything. Last time they rioted in DC, they vandalized three Black churches.

A further note for those in the back of the room, the election is over.

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If throwing tantrums and demanding Congress overturned elections actually was a successful tactic in getting elections overturned, it would relegate us to status of a banana republic.

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The penguin’s scenario is the one that makes sense. Let enough of the fool’s supporters mass together often enough, and there may be scant few of them alive when he threatens to “rise from the dead” in 2024.

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@jca2 The last election was a “Banana Republic” election. We saw the fraud in real time. They weren’t even hiding it.

Do you really think Joe Biden got 20 million more votes than Barrack Obama? There was zero enthusiasm for Biden in his basement. Obama filled arenas and inspired block parties.

The utter lack of transparency, the hiding of evidences and data, the refusal to allow observers as required by law, should at least raise some red flags with you. The spike of hundreds of thousands of Biden votes, over 96% for Biden after everyone supposedly went home, when Trump was previously ahead by hundreds of thousands—should at least be looked into. This was a Banana Republic election.

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@Yellowdog I really don’t understand that argument. You guys spend the whole election talking about how much everyone hates Trump and are just insane with rage against Trump and their votes will be against Trump and yet you can’t fathom how people voted for Biden to get Trump out of office? I get that to those for whom Trump can do no wrong and is literally saving this nation, it’s difficult to imagine how people viewed him as a major fuck-up and wanted him out of office at all costs, but that is the reality. Of course Biden received a lot of votes. They weren’t out of enthusiasm for Biden, they were out of dissatisfaction with Trump.

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Then why all the affidavits, testimony, secrecy, destroyed evidence, and mathamatically impossible spikes done in secret?

Never before in America. We have become a Banana Republic.

The pattern is always entering socialism with voter fraud, exiting with bullets.

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@Yellowdog: “The pattern is always entering socialism with voter fraud, exiting with bullets.”

^ Good christ, this is some crazy shit.

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Have you been paying any attention whatsoever to the events of this year?

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@Yellowdog Trumped up (no pun intended) conspiracy BS with no basis in reality? A reaction born entirely out of dissatisfaction with the result? Why have the courts thrown out all the fraud lawsuits?

The fraud narrative is largely psychological. You were prepared to not accept the results before the election even happened. You all knew it was possible that with the pandemic, Trump would not win re-election. But Trump’s entire presidency is based on a narrative of “elites” and “deep state” out to get him, so of course the only acceptable outcome of the election was a landslide victory. Anything else was the result of deep intrigue and fraud and would not be accepted.

And no, this is not me exonerating Democrats and praising Biden. The Democrats helped feed this narrative with their attempts to get Trump out of office (impeachment, Russiagate, Steele dossier). If they wanted people to trust this election, they shouldn’t have spent so much time trying to undermine the previous one. Those of us who were never firmly on either side see both elections as legitimate and all the other noise as, well, noise.

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@Yellowdog – Did you know that Biden was born in Kenya?

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I would watch that on pay per view. Ha!

Seriously though, no. You guys spent all year defending ‘peaceful protests.’

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Huge waste of time and energy.

@Yellowdog The Democrats stole the Presidential election fair and square. Get use to it,

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Winning is theft! After all, what other POSSIBLE reason can be imagined for dumping the turd.

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It’s happened before to no avail. Old news…

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No. Stop giving these people attention. Ignore them. It’s ridiculous. There should be police presence to keep people safe like any rally, but that’s it. I hope the media barely covers it.

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@Yellowdog “Do you really think Joe Biden got 20 million more votes than Barrack Obama? There was zero enthusiasm for Biden in his basement. Obama filled arenas and inspired block parties.”
– I would agree that Obama was more charismatic in 2008 and 2012 than Biden was in 2020.
– But Biden was not running against Obama, so no.
– I do think that there were that many additional voters, on top of whatever the charisma difference might be between Obama and Biden, because I think at least 20 million more people wanted to dump Trump, than wanted to get away from what G. W. Bush had done in 2008. And that’s saying a lot, because a lot of people were rightly sick and tired of G. W. Bush in 2008!

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@Darth_Algar I can’t prove it. But I can’t prove a lot of things like the Earth goes around the Sun or the Earth is a sphere. It’s just the most logical conclusion from the information that has been presented.

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The saddest form of coping mechanism for suffering a loss, willful denial that Biden won.

I can understand the bitterness. Create a lie and believe it. What matters is sustaining and building on getting more votes in future elections. Meanwhile sane Americans move on with their lives.

The immorality and insanity of trump fans is so demoralizing to the American identity.

I think I agree with @JLeslie. Just leave the pro-Trump fans alone in DC on Jan. 6. They have the right to be mad and to believe the lies they themselves concocted.

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Except it was witnessed in real time, by over a thousand real observers, on penalty of perjury. on cell phone footage, on security cameras.

Why does the left want this so secret and hidden if they have nothing to hide? That alone should nullify the election in those particular states.

We aren’t supposed to have ballot-stuffing, secret, Banana Republic elections in this country where one party who is ahead by 800,000 votes suddenly looses in the secrecy of night—where all of the sudden he only gets 5% or fewer of the votes in the dead of night when everyone was sent home.

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@Yellowdog The left is calling the Republicans the cause of the banana republic.

I’ve said it before, both sides are afraid of the EXACT SAME THINGS. People are gaming us.

Examples: Trump is an authoritarian dictator who will never leave office. They said Obama would be a socialist dictator who would never leave office. The right is going to start a civil war, the left is going to start a civil war. Obama is abusing executive orders. Trump is abusing executive orders. The list goes on and on.

The only ballots I know of being thrown out or on the ground I don’t remember had not been filled in yet and they were mail-in ballots so the people would be know they’re never received them. If it had been a ballot already filled in the person at least would be able to track if their ballot had been punted. That’s a good thing about mail-in, being able to track it.

There was another story floating around from a prior election and one that was actually sample ballots I think from a prior year.

No one is going to be happy about any fraud in an election. The more we make it fraud proof the better. So far this election looks really good, valid. All the court cases have been thrown out for lack of evidence. Some by judges who were appointed by Trump. Republican governors and supervisors of elections have certified the vote in their states, some begging for the questioning to stop, it’s enough already.

Everyone I know who worked the polls in various states said the people all worked diligently and cared about every vote.

I don’t know why it seems impossible to Republicans that Biden won. Arizona had Cindy McCain out there for Biden. Georgia has more and more minorities voting and cities like Atlanta continue to grow and grow attracting people from blue states. Pennsylvania is a swing state. Michigan is a swing state and was hit hard by covid and many people there believe Trump was horrible to MI. All of those make sense that it would be a close fight.

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And so, again, I ask, why was none of this evidence presented in the 50 or 60 court cases?You all can squawk on and one and one all you want about “fraud” and “mountains of evidence” and all that. The fact remains when it was time to put up the Trump team produced a big, fat pile of nothing.

It is over. It is done with. Donald Trump, lost the election fair and fucking square. Emperor Tang’s reign is at an end. Deal. With. It.

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“I can’t prove it. But I can’t prove a lot of things like the Earth goes around the Sun or the Earth is a sphere.”

Except those things have been proven. Indisputably. Scientifically.

“It’s just the most logical conclusion from the information that has been presented.”

Is it? Or is it simply the only explanation you’re willing to accept?

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The court cases were not thrown out for lack of evidences.

In every case, the judges refused to look at the cases. Often times they claimed the cases were invalid because of ‘standing.’
To ask why none of this evidence was presented is an idiotic question. The cases were never heard.

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Judges don’t just arbitrarily refuse to hear a case. When a judge refuses a case it’s because he/she has viewed what’s been presented to them and determined that there’s noting there. Or because that particular court does not have the jurisdiction to rule over the case.

(And no, a prosecutor in one state does not have to standing to request that another state’s election be discarded.)

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“Alice laughed: “There’s no use trying,” she said; “one can’t believe impossible things.” “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

—Lewis Carroll, “Through the Looking-Glass” (1872)

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“You just tell them, and they believe you.”

—Donald Trump

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@Jeruba That line always reminds me of my cheating boyfriend and his cheating brothers. It’s the same behavior.

They tell you a lie or what you want to hear. It works for a while. Some wives and girlfriends stay even though they know things don’t add up. They either rationalize the guy has enough good qualities, or decide they don’t want to take apart their whole life, or some can stay in a state of denial.

Breaking up is hard to do.

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@Darth_Algar Who the heck am I? I’m just one of the hapless minions who know only their misfortune. The people on the right say one thing and the people on the left say the opposite. Where am I going to get any proof of this election that it was rigged for Biden. That (if it did exist or anything favorable about Trump) likely gets quickly scrubbed form the internet by the liberal internet gatekeepers like google, snopes, fact check, fb etc.

A reasonable person will admit that there was fraud in the Presidential election. But was it a significant amount of fraud? I don’t know. But it likely leaves an element of reasonable doubt in millions of people in the USA.

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@gondwanalon What’s reasonable about it, though? Is there more fraud in this election than in previous elections? There are always individual instances of fraud, in every election. It’s reasonable to conclude that some people tried to vote twice or tried to use a ballot sent for a deceased person because it’s happened before and examples can be found from virtually any election. But what makes it reasonable to assume that there was fraud rigging the election for Biden? Why does the fraud only go in one direction? Why does it only affect states that Trump lost? Presumably these individual instances of fraud also involved votes for Trump. Presumably it occured in non-swing states. If the evidence is so great and the fraud so massive that it’s undeniable and will result in an overturning of the election, where is it? A lot about the fraud narrative isn’t reasonable; it’s not drawn from evidence, it’s a conclusion that many already accepted before the election even occurred in search of evidence to prove it. All of this leads me to (I think reasonably) conclude that the fraud narrative is about politics rather than facts.

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^^^What this man said. Trump has been pushing the fraud narrative for years. Hell, he was pushing it for the 2016 election even after he won. He’s pushed it so hard, for so long, he’s got his followers whole-heartedly believing it and taking every little trivial detail as proof of massive, widespread, organized fraud.

Notice, however, that his legal team does not claim fraud when they’re in court.

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If you think that only Republicans peddle propaganda, spin, lies and rhetoric then I really feel sorry for you. So sad.

Trying to find truth in politics is like trying to see light in a black whole. Both are pretty much impossible.

Good health! Stay strong!

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I did not say, nor imply such. Good attempt at deflection though.

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