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The oldest person to have lived was 122 at her death, but are their others with undocumented claims?

Asked by lonesome-dog (231points) 2 weeks ago

She was a French woman from Provence who’s life was fully documented. She famously sold Vincent Van Gogh his painting supplies. The best story (that I’m aware of) has her at the age of 88 selling the rental rights to her apartment to a man of 56, needless to say she outlived him, and by many years.

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I’ve heard of people in Southern Russia who live incredibly long lives. Something to do with the yogurt they eat.

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Jeanne Calment may have lived to age 122. Or, “she” could have been a fraud, and died in the 1930s, only to be “replaced” by her daughter to collect her pension.

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I’ll try to respond to both responses: The Southern Russians I believe are Abkhazia’s, they, with a small mountain community in Chile and another in Pakistan had a claim to old, old age but that claim has been much disputed. Morey Safer of 60 Minutes did a feature on the Abkhazias at least 20 years ago, since then they’ve been looked at more closely. They might be a bit ahead of us, but not by much.
On two, the French authorities are certain that the claim is legit. And in fact the Russians have been accused of muddying the water since they have a close claimant. Lol.

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Apparently it how little they eat that keeps them living longer.
I mean how much can a 120 year old eat..not much at a time.

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link to longevity myths .

surely in some place hidden from modern society there must be people who live longer and isolated?

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I saw a picture of a black lab that was 22.

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I remember reading about people who lived for hundreds of years.

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Methuselah lived 900 years…but who calls that living when no girl will give in to no man that’s 900 years. Other than that biblical old dude with dating concerns, I think that 122 still holds the title for great old age.

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@211236 LMAO good one! Thanks for the laugh, I’m feeling bummed out today.

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@211236 Thanks for that earworm! :-)

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