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What are some good songs?

Asked by socialmedia26 (62points) January 14th, 2021

Im looking for some suggestions on songs to broaden my play list. I don’t care what genre.

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Streets of Loredo
El Paso
Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Red River Valley
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme
A Home in the Meadow

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I (barely) play acoustic guitar and make a note when I see a song that would be fun/interesting to play. Here are a few picks. I have no idea about your tastes, but these fit mine (today, ask tomorrow and I would have a different list).

Less Of Me – Glen Campbell with Jackie DeShannon
It’s like a secular gospel song

In Spite of Ourselves – John Prine with Iris Dement

Dreaming – Amy Speace (Blondie cover
This translates so beautifully into a country song

I Want You Back – Sara Niemietz & W.G. Snuffy Walden

Eurythmics, Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart – Right By Your Side

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By David Bowie:
Lady Grinning Soul
Saviour Machine
Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide
Watch That Man
Ziggy Stardust
The Man Who Sold The World
Look Back In Anger
Sound And Vision
Always Crashing In The Same Car
Five Years

By Jimi Hendrix:
Crosstown Traffic
Purple Haze
All Along The Watchtower
Hey Joe
The Wind Cries Mary
Manic Depression

By Yelle:
Safari Disco Club
Que Veux-Tu
Comme Un Enfant
Qui Est Cette Fille
A Cause Des Garcons
J’ai Bu
Ce Jeu
Come En Chien

By Superbus:

By Françoise Hardy:
Comment Te Dire Adieu?

By Dead Kennedys:
California Über Alles
We’ve Got A Bigger Problem Now
Holiday In Cambodia

By Sia:
Fire Meet Gasoline
Day Too Soon
Elastic Heart
(and most others by Sia)

By The Flaming Lips:
She Don’t Use Jelly
Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
Turn It On
The Morning Of The Magicians
The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song

By The Prodigy:
Stand Up

By Sara Bareilles:
1000 Times
Let The Rain
Sweet As Whole

By Ingrid Michaelson:
The Way I Am

By Ellie Goulding:

By Lana Del Rey:
Blue Jeans

By Mojo Nixon:
Elvis is Everywhere

By Bizet:
Carmen, Act I
Duo: “Parle-moi de ma mère!”

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Songs or tunes? Fiddle tunes:
Billy in the Low Ground
Whiskey Before Breakfast

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Alright, this is my current favorite song:

The Divine Chord – The Avalanches

@Zaku Nice to see another Yelle fan. :)

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Stones in the Road, by Mary Chapin Carpenter:

Corcovado, by Astrud Gilberto:

Minor Swing, by Django Reinhardt:

The Times They Are a’Changin’, by Fort Nowhere:

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