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Forgive my nosiness, but am I mistaken in assuming most jellies who answer me above 10,000 lurve aren't computer geeks?

Asked by luigirovatti (2776points) January 20th, 2021

Even though you are science and/or law geeks. At least, whenever I ask a question, lol. Let me point out that sometimes the same reasoning applies to jellies below 10,000 lurve. Obviously. :) It’s just that I follow mostly users who had a high lurve.

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Have a look at the orphans questions and you will find that a great part of them are computer/technology related.
There is, as far as I know, only one person here that is able to answer computer related questions.

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I think there are a few here but not many.

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We have at least one physician, one CPA, one lawyer, one computer whiz, and a few people who are strong in science. Questions do seem to get answered.

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I think you are correct.

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