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Is Biden's Healthcare plan going to lead to someone worse than Trump in 2024?

Asked by gorillapaws (29015points) January 22nd, 2021

According to this article: Joe Biden Lifted His Health Care Plan From Insurance Industry Lobbyists, Biden’s healthcare plan is abandoning a public option in favor of increasing subsidies to insurance companies (which raised a ton of money for his campaign). From the article:

“While Medicare for All could actually save the country up to $650 billion annually, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, Biden is now proposing some of the most costly and inefficient ways to expand health insurance coverage. The moves could still leave people exposed to substantial out-of-pocket costs — from deductibles, co-pays, and coinsurance — that act as barriers to care.”

Prior to the pandemic, about 45 thousand Americans die every year as a result of not having health insurance. That’s the equivalent of a 9/11 attack about every 24 days. Could pursuing such a deeply flawed policy approach to healthcare drive even more people to the Populist Right message in 2024? Are you disappointed this isn’t headline news?

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Nothing beats a state healthcare system! The right wing movement sais, state healthcare is socialist but where is their solution of the problem ? Individual responsibility ends in jailhouse not in freedom and justice.

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@gorillapaws you know better than that.

The chances of Biden’s plan surviving its trip through congress unscathed a basically nil. Whatever happens, it won’t be what is written in the article.

In addition, the Jacobin magazine is a leftist magazine with a specific agenda. They call themselves a Socialist magazine proudly. In a way, they’re like the National Review (conservative rag) but on the left instead of the right.

Bottom line, I wouldn’t get too worried about an article in a leftist rag. What they write – and impute to Biden – is likely to be pretty far from the truth.

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Someone worse than Trump? Are you kidding???

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@kritiper, in the last days of Bush 2, counting days to the 2009 inauguration, I said, “At least it can’t get any worse.” When Trump was elected, I promised out loud never to say that again.

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Until, or unless Biden changes health care, we shall continue so have Obamacare (afforable care act). ” law of the land”

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Why would you get your news from such a biased source?

I hope somebody does some thing soon. I’m not feeling so well, but there is not a damn thing I can do about it.

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If Biden increases subsidies it will be a problem if they don’t have some sort of plan to keep private insurance companies from raising premiums.

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Look here for further information. If that’s not true, I don’t think anything else will:

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Nothing wrong with the Affordable Healthcare Act @si3tech.

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We could have resolved that with Bern, but the DNC (Repubs Lite) keep jacking him around. And ditto @Dutchess_III , I haven’t been feeling to good myself, and still have recurring headaches from my brain surgery last year. If I bite the burrito, I’ll haunt very damn politician (Except Bernie) in the country.

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Bern needs a gimmick, and start pounding it into peoples conscious now. Make America Healthy Again?

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@Dutchess_III Plenty wrong with it, the premiums have skyrocketed. If you make $80K a year AGI or more you get zero subsidy and the premiums are outrageously high. The government is handing money to the insurance companies and they stuff the money in their pockets.

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When we had insurance through Rick’s job I never saw the premiums “sky rocket” at any point after the ACA was signed into law in 2010.

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I have a feeling we’re going to get someone farther right wing, but who comes across nice and pleasant, so the democrats won’t resist as much as they did with Trump.

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I wouldn’t mind a Republican president if he or she showed compassion and brains.

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“If I bite the burrito, I’ll haunt very damn politician (Except Bernie) in the country.”

I hope you get to keep eating burritos in a premortem state for many more decades, but when that time does come, you can reduce your haunt load by also excluding the Squad ladies.
Also, by that time Bernie will be available help you with your postmortem activities. ;-)

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Lol @Brian1946 Well in that case, I couldn’t ask for better company…

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I want a burrito.

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I’d buy you one and send it

to ya, but it might be a tad raunchy when it gets there. Then you’ll be mad at me because you get sick. No good deed goes unpunished, as my old pappy used to say. @Dutchess_III

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Going to make a chorizo and egg burrito for breakfast, Yummy !

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Breakfast? Nary nigh on to 8 PM? Does sound good though :)

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@Dutchess_III First, I don’t understand your statement you had insurance through your husband’s job and you never saw premiums through ACA skyrocket. Were you getting insurance through the ACA or his employer? If through his employer why would you be aware of premiums through ACA?

Moreover, my personal experience was the premium went up and up, but the individual paid about the same year to year if they were qualifying for big subsidies.The government was paying hundreds more a month per person. In 2017 the total premium for my husband and I was in the $700’s, 2018 $900’s, 2019 $1100’s. Same policy. Government just handing over the money. 2019 my husband got a job and I had to pay back $8,000 something like that.

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@JLeslie…do you not understand what the ACA is? ACA isn’t an insurance provider. It is laws that Obama got passed that ALL INSURANCE PROVIDERS HAVE TO ABIDE BY.” God. How hard is this to understand? If your health insurance provider can’t refuse to cover you because of preexisting conditions… IT’S BECAUSE OF THE ACA!
The ACA is a set of LAWS that all insurance companies have to comply with, including United Health Care, which is what Ricks insurance was through.

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If you can cover your child through the age of 26, that’s the ACA.
Call your insurance company @JLeslie. Ask them those questions.

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I know what the ACA is. You are talking about having to meet ACA requirements. I’m talking about actually buying insurance through the ACA marketplace.

The subsidies were for people buying in the marketplace who don’t have insurance through work.

Plus, for all you know your husband’s company paid higher rates of insurance for employees and you have no idea. You don’t know how much the company was paying per employee.

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All insurance companies have to comply with the ACA laws. It doesn’t matter if you get it through the market place or your employer. Our premiums never “sky rocketed.”

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Well, mine did. There was zero competition. I had the choice of one company, Blue Cross Blue Shield.

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