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Do you immediately withdraw your candidacy after verbally accepting an offer from another?

Asked by chelle21689 (7900points) January 23rd, 2021

I’m finally off this emotional roller coaster of unemployment! It’s like all the rejections led to the perfect job for me, my top choice: much higher pay, remote, challenging, etc. They gave me a verbal offer yesterday and will work on a written offer next week!

However, I’m still in the running for another position for a final interview next week. It was my last choice but I am actually very curious about their offer though I know I won’t accept.
Also, I’ve been told that you should keep going until you sign a letter. People had jobs reneg before. I actually experienced this the same day I was offered this position! An employer decided not to hire me and went internally! Technically they said I was their top choice and sent me the final hiring steps, it wasn’t an actual offer but still!


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My thoughts are keep your options open.

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I would wait until you have the signed contract or the written letter offer.

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@jca2 Lol, I didn’t know if it would be unethical or somehow bite me in the butt if I continued.

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See how it plays out, if you have the time. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. As my old pappy used to say.

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@Nomore_lockout Lol I guess it would be good to practice interview skills with the CEO of the other position even though I know I am happier with the one I accepted.

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Yup, as long as you’re not burning any bridges and shooting yourself in the foot. Tough call. Just proceed with caution.

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“No Paper equals No Job . . ”

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@Tropical_Willie So if I have my final interview scheduled Wednesday and I get the written offer on a Tuesday, you would cancel?

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Maybe . . . others have said keep your options open, I would wait.

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If you get a written offer and a start date before the next interview, then I would cancel. If you hadn’t said this was your dream job and the other wasn’t then I would say keep your options open. But I agree that a verbal agreement isn’t the same as a signed contract. I’ve seen people be offered a job and have it go away because their first choice changed their mind and asked to be reconsidered.

That happened twice to my husband. He didnt’ have all the qualifications but was close enough and then their primary choice changed their mind. Probably was playing hard ball to get a higher wage and realized they were not going to change their mind.

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I’m going to join the chorus of “wait until you have something in writing,” especially in the current economic context. Like you said, you’ve already ridden the emotional roller coaster. You might as well accept the extra comfort that a backup plan can offer.

While it’s not the same thing, I had a grant disappear at the last second when I was in grad school (the entire grant program was unexpectedly canceled, so no one who qualified received it). You better believe I was glad to have other options.

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Thanks all! Let’s hope I really do get it in writing on Monday! I’m so over interviews.

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