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Everybody say Happy Bday to one of our favorite members, guess who?

Asked by flameboi (7519points) September 9th, 2008

Today is scamps’s bday! it’s time for bday wishes!

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Scamp, happy bday! I hope you have a wonderful day, enjoy and have fun! but not that much, nobody wants a rough ending, right? :)
thank you PnL for the friendly reminder, I don’t know what we would do without you

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happy bday scamp

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Happy Birthday to you scamp! Hope it’s a great one :)


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the bum took off work for her birthday! What a load of crap!!

she knows I’m kidding

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Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Scamp!
Happy Birthday tooo yoooooou!!!!!!

And many more!!!

Wishing you all the best! Hope you have a great day!!!

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Well done, Scamp. New knee, new job, new grandchild, daughter who survived one of the longest pregnancies on record. What a year. Gail

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Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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@flameboi – that’s what I am here for :)

Now WHERE is our birthday girl?? Off partying I bet!

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Happy birthday!!!

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Happy Birthday Scamp!!!!

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Have a wonderful day, Scamp. Best wishes!!!!

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Scamp said yesterday, “I’m getting my DVD player, a stack of movies, and I’m going to lay in bed all day”

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Have a great birthday Scamp!

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Happy birthday!! I hope you have an awesome day and many more to come. :)

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Happy day from your favorite Fluther member

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Happy Birthday Girl!! Hope you enjoy Your day!! Have a fabulous time :)

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Happy birthday! May it be one of your best.

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I seem to be loosing my memory, so I don’t recall who you are, so I will say as the others have, Happy Bday….... I will also… what am I writing?

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@MelonKing: gibberish?

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I was just thinking…

What happens if she doesn’t read any of these greetings, until tomorrow?

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hmmm….wouldn’t it be handy if the responses had, oh, say, something like a date/time stamp??

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happy happy Happy HAppy HAPpy HAPPy HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!

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what up scamp! happy b-day! it’s my dad’s too! you two are great thinkers!

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hahahahahahahahahahahaha…....sorry poof, but it had to be said! And you’ll notice I posed a question, I did not make a judgement on whether there should be one or not ;)

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@wildflower: Well, that IS a most interesting suggestion…

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Scamp, best birthday wishes to you for this year, and wishing you many more birthdays to come!

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I hope I am not to late! Happy Birthday scamp! you deserve the best.!!!!!!!!!! party hardy

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Have a great birthday, Scamp!

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Thanks so much everyone! As poof said, I took the day off…completely! I spent it at home being just as lazy as posible. slept in late, then laid around all afternoon watching movies. It was a much needed break, and I feel like a new woman today.(maybe now I will even be a little less crabby, ha ha!)

Last night SO took me out for dinner which was very good, then home for cake and presents. I got the pearl necklace I’ve been drooling over, a second one I didn’t expect with mathing earrings, and a digital picture frame for my desk. Saturday night, he is taking me on a dinner/dance cruise in Toms River.

Poof came to work today with the mst wonderful smelling candle and a hilarious card. I’m sitting here now watching the pictures I took of my daughter and her new sone scroll across my frame, and feeling truly blessed. Thanks again one and all. You helped to make this the best birthday in recent memory!!

Ps @flameboi how did you know???

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Scamp- Happy Belated! sorry I’m late, sounds like it was awesome

edit: hope he takes you on the river, not in it :^) Though a nice moonlit swim sounds fun

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@Knotmyday Thanks, and it’s ok.. I’m late too!!

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I have a crystal ball beneath my bed!
nope, but I wish I have one!
PnL mentioned it, you know, she is our personal “know it all” lady :)
I’m glad you had a great day!

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Ah, so it was a birthday conspiracy then, ha ha!! Thanks to both of you for caring enough to post this!

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@scamp: Wildflower suggested that everyone post a time/date stamp at the end of their messages, so you would know when each greeting was given.

Mine appears to have been the only one that had one, but it was posted invisibly. My message was posted on September 9, 2008, at 11:10 AM EDT.


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Thanks Jack! That’s just about the time I got up yesterday, lol. told you I had a lazy day!!

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Finally! Someone has publicly thanked me for mentioning the time/date of a public posting of mine!

Blessed be!

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Now, let’s not be a sore loser, poofandmook.

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I can be a sore loser if I want :P

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Be nice to poof, and let’s not get her too riled up… she can reach me!!

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you worried you might end up the sore one?

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Let’s just say she could hold her own if we ever got into it, ha ha!!

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Now let’s not forget to wish fabulous a very Happy Birthday either! It’s today (10th)...though the day is probably ending in Ireland right now. Hope she had a good birthday too!

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Is there a thread started for her yet? I just sent her a PM.

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It’s too late now. It is the 11th over there.

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sorry, wasn’t near a computer the whole day :(

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Over there? Where is she? Better late than never. Should I start a thread?

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