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How can I prevent other users from opening mail?

Asked by Jaybee (220points) September 9th, 2008

We have several apple computers around the house. Each one off course has Mail software. But Apple Mail (with .mac account) is only used by me while all the other members of my family use aol, gmail. They can and do use (when they remember to do it that way) the internet to check their mail.
However, most of the time they inadvertently click on the Mail stamp icon as soon as they get the urge to write an e-mail which obviously opens the mailbox. I would like to know if there is any way to create a password requirement before one can go into Mail.

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If you are the admin, then you can change the permissions on Mail so that no one but the admin has access to it.

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Or simply remove the icon from the Dock.

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Yep, sounds like you need to set up separate users and password protect yours. Or change the setting so that your computer does not remember your sign in – you’ll have to enter your address and password each time.

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Set up separate accounts for each of them on the computer. In System Preferences, go to Users.

This way, when they fire up Mail, they’ll be looking at their mail and not yours.

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Remove the dock icon and replace it with an icon that goes directly to gmail or aol. You can also make the icon the same so as to not confuse them.

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I am trying to find how to password protect my account but find nothing in the preferences in Mail.

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I tried removing the dock icon long ago but somehow they think that to send mail they’ve got to go through the stamp-looking icon (mail). Whew! They don’t remember my instructions.

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To password protect your account, (mail account that is) leave the required password field blank. That way when mail connects to your mail server, it prompts you for a password.

But I do think it’s better to use the previous suggestions. Set up user accounts for you and other family members. You can have just two, one for you (admin account) and one for everybody else. Or maybe a guest account. For visitors, this account deletes all temporary files etc. after logging out.

You can find all settings under System Preferences -> users. Here you can select who gets to use which programs etc. Os X 10.5 allows you to guard your kids from the hazardous internets. And set specific bedtimes or total computer times.

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