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What is the worst winter you have ever seen?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (7592points) February 13th, 2021

I live in Texas, this is THE worst winter I have seen since 1972. I guess you folks have experienced worse?

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In Central Texas, winters are usually mild. This is the worst one I have ever seen, no holds bared. I remember a bad snow in Jan. of ‘72, I remember that vividly because my girl friend and I had to get to a store to get formula for her baby, it took two hours there and back from my apartment. Crawling along because it had been snowing for three days and the roads were pretty much frozen. We made it but barely. And we were young and stupid. She was 16, I was 19, and we (she) had a baby we had to take care of. Never seen anything so bad since. Until now, cant even get my damn car out of the frozen ass drive way.

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For me, the less snow there is, the worse I judge the winter to be.
So it was last year, because there was no snow at all in Nov/Dec.
We only got actual snowfall the past week.

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This morning Facebook showed me a photo I took 2 years ago of my deck with 2½ feet of overnight snow. That is the worst snowfall we’ve seen here.
I remember a bad winter in 1962, where we got so much rain a couple houses in my neighborhood slid down the hill. Our own backyard lost so much earth our back fence was hanging in midair for several yards.

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To me in California, a bad winter means no rain and lots of sunshine. This year is not looking good. 2018 was pretty bad too considering we were still getting wildfires in late December. I would kill for another winter with above average precipitation and frequent storms. Since we don’t get snow here and flooding and landslides are unlikely where I am, I welcome it.

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It was back in ‘68. I was living in Moscow, Idaho, and the temperature got down to -50.
Our house had no insulation and the heat was supplied by a SPARK oil stove in the living room.
The girls who normally slept upstairs brought their bedding down to sleep in front of the stove. The stove was so hot it burned their feet and they were still cold.
The boys upstairs went to bed with extra socks, pants, shirts sweaters, coats, hats, and as many blankets as there were available. And we boys would go to sleep with just our noses exposed
Dad had a ‘60 Cadillac with regular bias ply tires. He put an electric 2 burner hot plate under the engine to keep it warm enough so he could get it started so he could go to work. The driveway was a sheet of ice and the boys would have to go out with Dad in the mornings to push the car out of the driveway so he could go to work. With those old tires, and the snow covered streets the way they were, it was a wonder he could get to work at all.

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Oh 72 I suppose. A TON of snow. But I was a kid and loved every second of it.

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I wish the global warming wasn’t so darn cold. (Just joking).

Anyway this winter in Tacoma was very mild until last night and today. Got nearly a foot of snow in our yard. Spent 3 hours shoveling our long driveway. Still snowing. I’ll be back out shoveling later. Been living here for 27 years. Don’t recall this much snow so quickly. Fun stuff. HA!

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And it’s so beautiful there when it snows @gondwanalon.

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Maybe we’re off the Mark on global warming, and in reality the Ice Man Cometh?

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1978 and 79 in metro DC area. We lived in Maryland.

Also, Maryland had terrible years in 2003, 2010, and I think 2016 also, but I no longer lived there. My parents were there for it though.

Roofs caving in. Electricity out and people unable to leave their homes. My friend’s elderly dad was in a 55 degree house when a neighbor finally came to get him days into the power outage. I think that was the 2010 snowstorms.

I was in NYC in 2014 (I hope I remember the year correctly) and the ice was unbelievable. Cars driving in the middle of streets sliding around. People walking in the streets at times to get around. I couldn’t believe there weren’t more accidents it was so unsafe.

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The winter of 67 it rained four out of five days from Christmas to Easter. The house behind my family’s lost half their yard that slid into ours. I spent President’s weekend with my brother and sister at Squaw Valley; there was so much snow the gondola went through a tunnel and they had to dig out the chairlifts.

That summer I went to Yosemite for the first time, every one kept saying they had never seen so much water coming over the falls.

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@Nomore_lockout your comment shows that you don’t understand “global warming.” Also, that is the reason they quit using the term and started using “climate change.”

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@Dutchess_III Actually I was just kidding. You can’t look at videos of glaciers melting / calfing and deny global warming, climate change, whatever term you prefer. But this IS the worst winter in my recent memory.

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The Blizzard of ‘78 in Boston.

I was seven and loved it, but it was a lot of snow and we were stranded for a while.

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78? It snowed really heavy here too. Pretty sure that was the blizzard I got pregnant in.

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One year ago today I went to a job interview in Minneapolis and it was -12F. (I turned down the job.)

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For me it was the winter of 1968–1969.

I live in So Cal, where the “winters” are usually rainy with lows in the 40’s and highs in the 60’s.

But that winter I was stationed at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in North Chicago, IL.
One day in Jan 1969, the still-air temp was -10º F.
But then a delightfully brisk breeze blew in from Lake Michigan.
The feels-like temp then gently rolled down to a chilly -62º.

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