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Do you think Rush Limbaugh would have made jokes about Bernie Sanders?

Asked by rockfan (13753points) February 17th, 2021 from iPhone

Conservatives are upset that liberals are cheering Rush Limbaugh’s death (personally I think it’s wrong either way) but I think it’s very likely that Limbaugh would’ve made jokes or have had some satisfaction if Bernie Sanders had passed away. What do you think?

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I don’t think that Limbaugh would have been happy or would make jokes of Bernie Sanders death.

It’s weird to cheer when decent people die.

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Limbaugh thought that Bernie’s ideas were a danger to American culture.

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I just read that for 2 weeks, he had a regular segment on his radio show, where he read, and mocked, a list of names of people who had died from AIDS.
To answer the question, there is a good chance he would have.

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Limbaugh is one of a long line of people who helped America become the divided nation we are today..

I will not grieve him. In fact, jumping for joy seems appropriate.

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Limbaugh was all about shock value, so who knows? Maybe he would have. I don’t think it’s important as far as “cheering a death” goes. Ultimately that says more about the person cheering than the dead person. I wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone, but I also think Limbaugh was an awful person and since we have a tendency to lionize someone after their death, his negative affect on American society shouldn’t be forgotten.

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Moms Mabley had a routine that went “never say anything about the dead unless it’s something good. Well he’s dead—good”.

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I was born again in the 80s and so were my friends. They adored Limbaugh. I listened to one of his programs and was just sickened. I will never understand how someone claiming to be a Christian could support someone so grotesque.

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Yes he would have. This man sold hate to the public as a daily meal and hate ate him up from the inside as it should. I don’t feel one ounce of sympathy for him. He didn’t care for anything or anyone but himself and obtaining fame and fortune. I hope he gets what he deserves and he feels 10 times the pain he caused his victims in his afterlife.

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He mocked a man with Parkinson’s Disease, so yes, I believe he would have.

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@ragingloli is right. That scum used to read the names of people who died of AIDS and then play sounds of celebration. He was filth. I’m absolutely delighted he’s dead. I hope he’s burning in hell.

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I listened to one of his broadcasts at the urging of a “Christian” friend. It turned out to be about abortion. He kept playing the sound of a toilet flushing to mimick an abortion.

Then some guy called in about what should he do when his teenage daughter comes home from a date “all excited.”
Rush says “Just tell her to go to her room and ‘take care of herself.’ ”


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I think it’s gauche to dance on someone’s grave, but that doesn’t mean they’re entitled to any kind of respect in death either.

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I’m a liberal and I was upset people were celebrating his death. I just think it’s in poor taste. But I posted as such on FB and I was pilloried for it. He was an asshole, no question. But I don’t dance on anybody’s grave.

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Rush Limbaugh walked so Alex Jones could run. RIP.

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People who celebrate Limbaugh’s death revealed more about themselves than about Limbaugh.

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How pompously easy it is for some of you to judge people who have been harmed, instead of the ones who have done the harming.

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No judgement. Just a casual observation. How are people harmed by conservative talk?

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@gondwanalon My guess is they were hurt when their loved ones died a horrible death from aides and he laughed and played party music over their deaths. As Darth said above, he mocked a man with Parkinson’s disease. The list goes on.
But you probably thought it was funny when trump made fun of a mentally challenged man.

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How naïve anyone must be to not understand that widely-spread, and supported-by-governments, hate speech is harmful; in families, in communities, in countries.

If you don’t believe that Limbaugh was a spewer of hate speech, @gondwanalon, then either review his words, or your own values.

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A lot of false information flows from liberals to put down the most listen to radio speaker (conservative or liberal) in history. True he could be harsh and judging. His talent and genius got him inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

Good health to you all. Stay strong! Love ya!

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So you’re denying that he mocked people who died of AIDS or Michael J. Fox’s parkinson’s? Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s false. He actually admitted he regretted the AIDS thing. I think it’s the only moment in his career that he publicly admitted to regretting. Obviously conservatives don’t care; that’s one key way they differ from liberals. If a liberal says something offensive, they get canceled; if a conservative does it, they’re praised for “speaking the truth”.

The fact that many people listened to him doesn’t mean he’s great. Look at the tripe on the bestseller lists. Lol

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@gondwanalon – What was your favorite thing about Limbaugh? Was it his explicit racism? Was it his misogyny? His support of the invasion of Iraq that killed hundreds of thousands of people and trillions of dollars? His xenophobia? His ableism, mockery of Parkinson’s disease, and opposition to stem cell research? Was it his constant lies, claims of false-flags and conspiracy theories? Was it his birtherism? Was it his support of trade agreements that destroyed manufacturing in the US? Was it his opposition to protecting the planet?

Or maybe something else?

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@gondwanalon Oh really? What’s an example of such a false piece of information about Limbaugh?

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@gondwanalon – No. You are absolutely incorrect in your assessment of Rush Limbaugh. He was not decent. He was a bad man who hurt people.

Yes, it’s not classy to be glad that he’s dead, but he had an intensely corrosive effect on the body politik, and for those of us old enough to remember the years and evils done, I really can’t blame a dancing fool.

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It’s also not just that Limbaugh hurt people directly. Through his nearly endless broadcasts, and the even more nearly endless broadcasts and xenophobic misogynistic homophobic and terrible blatherings of his imitators, his “work” had a major impact on the terribleness of US culture. The fools who show up on social media, and attacking the capitol for Trump, mostly wouldn’t be doing those things if it weren’t for the spouters of all that crap on radio and TV, the lack of broadcasting standards, etc.

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No, because those types of so-called “jokes” are not funny.

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A very hateful man is gone; enough said.

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Of course he would have. And probably did. People like that have no limits.

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Do you think the wild bear craps in the woods? Do you think the Pope is Catholic?

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