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What is the name of this chemical bond (Details Inside)?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20529points) February 19th, 2021

A dot with three lines coming out of a carbon circle.

Sorry that I don’t have a link.

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I don’t know if there is a name for it, but the dot is a carbon atom and the three lines are hydrogen atoms.

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It might be a Lewis diagram for a carbon compound where the dots represent electrons and the lines chemical bonds, usually covalent bonds.

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What is the dot and lines?

RedDeerGuy1's avatar Is in the picture. What is the name of the six shorting lines?

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@Tropical_Willie Not the bond that I was looking for. Was looking for the bonds in the center of my link in Escitalopram.

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It it’s the one I’m thinking your talking about it’s a single bond. What you are seeing is the representation of a single stereoisomer of the carbon.

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The double lines inside the hexagons indicate double bonding between carbons. Carbons have 4 electrons they can share. The carbon pairs are sharing two of the four. The two additional bonds for the carbons are not shown and are assumed to be for hydrogen.

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carbon monoxide?

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@Zaku Your third link has it.

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