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If you were someone who voted for Ted Cruz would you vote for him again?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27269points) February 19th, 2021 from iPhone

Senator Cruz went to Cancun while his constituents were freezing due to record breaking snowstorms that shut down power grids.

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It certainly came across as tone deaf and then he blamed his daughters. I would never trust a man that would throw his family under the bus.

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Well he’s spent the last few years fellating a guy who insults his wife. That he’d throw his daughters under should be no surprise.

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It would be a cold day in hell before I voted for him.

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As a republican voter, I would definitely accept and swallow any excuses and justifications he and his allies come up with. Like Dinesh D’Souza actually praising him for not using Texas’ resources by flying to Mexico.
Then I would start blaming the fAkE nEwS mEdIa and the sOcIaLiSt cOmMuNiSt LiBs for this WiTcH hUnT.

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I’d vote for a piece of maggot infested road kill, before I’d vote for ANY Republican. Got it? Get it? Good!

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Plenty of the people who voted for him would again.

I’ve always thought he was horrible.

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Well sure they would; they thought DJT was King.

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If they’d do the same thing he did, given the chance and the means, then they probably will vote for him. Scruples don’t enter into this picture.

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Well of course what other choice is there ,a baby eating, lasers from space, take all yer guns, socialist commie party that wants everyone one to have affordable health care give me good ole lying Cruz every day over that.

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He always seemed to me like a total sleazy slime ball, and this latest move is no different. I can understand wanting to get to a warm place when there’s a power outage (been there, done that), but I’m not a Senator elected by the people, so it’s different for the average Jane like me.

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^^He comes across as an effective politician because he gets enough votes to stay in power.

As a human being I think he’s pathetic. I have a feeling most of the time he plays the role of the fighting fool and maybe that’s what his voters like about him?

Reminds me of trump. Another douchebag who got millions to vote for him for taking that role. The role of the fighting douchebag.

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The people I know who voted for Cruz in the primary in 2016 all were evangelical Christians. They buy into his Christian schtick.

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^They weren’t pissed that he left his dog home to freeze when he went to Cancun?

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At least he didn’t drive with the dog on the top of his station wagon like Mitt ROmney did

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@chyna I heard about that. So, is the story that Cruz’s house had no electricity and they left the dog in the cold?

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That’s the story I saw. :-(

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^^Excerpt from Gail Collins NYT article.


This week Cruz made headlines when he got caught taking a plane for a family escape to Mexico while Texas was suffering through its stupendous weather crisis.

Michael Hardy, a Texas journalist, went to check the on the empty Cruz house in Houston and discovered the neighborhood had indeed had a power outage. He also saw “a small, white dog looking out the bottom right pane of glass in the senator’s front door.”

Ted had abandoned Snowflake the poodle! OK, that’s a little tough. A security guard parked outside the senator’s house volunteered that he’d been doing some caretaking.

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Cruz is a SOB. I just came across this article describing how fellow Republican Chris Christie has no sympathy for him. Here is a case of Democrat from New York, AOC, doing more to help Texans that Cruz is.

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