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Would an annoying voice be a deal breaker for you?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43238points) 1 month ago

Some women, young women, have an annoying high pitched voice. They simultaneously speak from the back of their throat and through their nose. They speak very, very quickly with Valley Girl inflections…and I have to change the channel! How can anyone live with that?

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A truly annoying voice might be off-putting enough for me to not be attracted.

I lived on the second floor of a fraternity one summer, and a guy whose room was in the basement had a girlfriend whose laugh was more like some weird and very loud whoop. She loved to laugh and it carried all the way up to my room, to the point where I could not sleep. I really liked her, except her laugh drove me crazy.

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Yes. With one woman I dated (in my 20s) it was. She had this high pitched whiny voice and it hurt my ears to listen to her. I can’t imagine being married to her.

Oh, did you mean on TV or movies? Yes – I don’t remember the show, but there was the woman with an awful voice. It was a sitcom. Was truly off-putting.

I heard an interview on the radio with an adult-film actress not long ago – Katie something – who has a voice like a 10-th grade valley girl. Ugh

And there is one woman at work….. don’t get me started with her and her laugh.

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Yes. So many young women have what I think of as toy voices. When I hear the audio of a TV show that someone else is watching, without seeing the screen, I am amazed that young women with such obnoxious tinny little voices would be hired for any media role. No color, no contour, no timbre, no depth, no music.

It just makes me want to run away. I can’t imagine living with that.

I’m assuming it’s a habit that they learn from each other and that it could be changed. I don’t think most people really talk like that past the age of about 12.

After I had sinus surgery, my voice sounded higher to me. One friend commented on it. I made a conscious effort to pitch it slightly lower, back to my normal range. After a while that became effectively natural for me.

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Yes. If he sounds like drumpf, I will literally cut his head off.

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There are a lot of worse charactistics. What is said is more important than the voice.

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Sometimes in when experiencing high anxiety a neighbors voice in conversations hits a high annoying pitch of which others immediately leave the table or will not engage her in any conversations.

However I observed that in one on one in conversation she seems better and her voice calm and tuned down somewhat. Maybe ADAH?

I suspect that she is feeling judged and thus the group makes her uneasy and anxious to that point.

If I am present when this happens I usually converse with her and soon enough ( calmly) her tone goes down to a normal pitch which is agreeable to others.

It plain nervous energy (stress) that causes her to react like that.

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Yes, but I am not easily annoyed by a voice. My husband says my sister’s voice is squeaky and I don’t hear her that way.

On the show The Resident Matt Czuchry and Emily VanCamp speak in a whisper, under their breath, and it is often very difficult to understand what they are saying. How can trained actors speak like that? Take a deep breath and project for God’s sake! Everyone else on the show is fine, so it is not some sort of sound thing or my hearing. My husband has the exact same complaint. If I had to constantly tell someone to speak up I would find that frustrating and unattractive.

When my husband is nervous and on the phone his voice gets higher, not annoying to me, but sounds nervous and less masculine. I tell him to take a deep breath and slow down, but I don’t think he believes me that his voice is affected. I think it is a problem only because he is on the phone and they aren’t seeing him, so the only impression is his voice.

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It could be. I’m not dating someone with an AOC or Ben Shapiro voice. :P There are worse things, though, and if I really liked them, I could probably get used to it.

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I’m pretty sensitive to sounds, so I think it could be a dealbreaker as far as a relationship.
Examples: Bernadette/ Big Bang Theory or Fran Drescher/ The Nanny.

Article here:

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Interesting article. Yeah those high pitched whiney voices seem on the verge of hysteria.

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It would be a deal breaker for me. I am quite sensitive to the sound of a voice which is one reason I don’t like Fox News. All its newsreaders and presenters talk too fast and too shrill.

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Yes, it would be a dealbreaker for me. Of course, my own voice would probably be a dealbreaker for others.

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An annoying laugh would be worse…

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Deal breaker for me. Also, I briefly dated someone with halitosis which he had no control over…note that I said ‘briefly’.

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I actually feel pretty guilty about this. But this is definitely a deal breaker for me.

My friend once posed the hypothetical scenario of finding your soulmate. Perfectly matched in every way—except for an incredibly annoying voice.

My response was…I’d have to jab myself in the ears or something. Then live in blissful silence.

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Not particularly, no. As my old pappy used to say, love conquers all. But he also said that when the wolf is at the door, love goes out the window. So go figure.

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I would have a hard time spending enough time with someone to appreciate her finer qualities if she (or he) has a high, shrill voice. I might (unwittingly) not notice it during the infatuation phase, then I’d have to face the hard reality later when every time the person opened their mouth I cringe.

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