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What is a miracle that you accomplished something?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18394points) 1 month ago

For me, other than the time travelling, it was a miracle that I earned a high school diploma, and had three years of post secondary education.

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People accomplishing things are not miracles. That’s just doing the work; calling it a miracle discounts someone’s efforts.

Miracles are all around us, we just have to be open to witnessing them.

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@zenvelo So I earned my high school diploma? I will take the credit for the accomplishment.
Hip hip hooray!

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@zenvelo @RedDeerGuy1 I’m going to think of this question as a lucky factor that helped me accomplish something. I agree that accomplishments are work @RedDeerGuy1‘s effort is great, given what he has been through, but I’m going to share my story of a lucky factor that help me accomplish something.

The idea of my Master thesis was made possible by a Youtube video. If I hadn’t come across that video, I would have never known the existence of the person I wrote about, and would have settled down with a boring subject that drained my soul just to graduate. Sure, there were other things along the way (my ability to see the potential of the subject, my effort to get my subject to be approved, my excellent supervisor, the nonstop work…), but the entire thing would never have been possible without that one Youtube video.

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