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What accomplishments are impressive nowadays?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24514points) 3 weeks ago

From education, to anything?

Humor welcome.

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Maintaining sobriety, and sanity.

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Getting out of bed.

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Not giving up hope.

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I went up two steep flights of stairs multiple times to do my laundry. I even hung up my shirts.

Also I am making beef ribs and vegetables. Instead of ordering a $50 pizza.

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Socially I haven’t seen many. Personally I’m impressed that I can still touch my toes, but then I set attainable goals. Getting up and using the bathroom without assistance says it’s going to be a good day.

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@jonsblond….I WISH they had LOL button!!

Me too @seawulf575. But then I have to take a nap.

I think maintaining reason eating habits and a reasonable weight is an amazing feat these days.

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^There are more temptations, that can negatively affect our bodies, than any time in history.
Processed sugar, fried food, drugs, sexual behavior, etc. the ability to learn and obtain thongs from allover the world.

We also enjoy a lot of free time, our ancestors didn’t have. As we don’t have to spend every minute acquiring food, or making fire, or purifying water, and a zillion other things that we can have with ease.

Free time, means an idle mind, for some.
I have always felt that taking care of your body, is a lifelong thing. I know I ask a lot of my body, and I need it to be capable of doing whatever.
I look at sweets, and now things like alcohol, as something for younger people. Not that I’m really old, at 43, but I’m too old to eat twinkies, doughnuts and cake.
I can’t imagine how poor my health would be, if I ate the things I see in our society with any type of frequency.
I would be embarrassed, if I wasn’t as fit, as I reasonably can be. That means weights, cardio, and low fat/carb, high protein, thoughtful diet, and self discipline.

I don’t take naps, Dutch.
I take strategic pauses.

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Well. I have neuropathy in my feet and a broken neck. I take naps!!

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To the OP, running for President when you’re Joe Biden!

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Saying no to the money.

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^If you suffer from an overabundance of money, I can PM you my Venmo number.

For just $3,000/month, you can make a difference in a struggling American’s life.
When I receive your first payment, you will receive a photo and brief history, of the American you are sponsoring.
You’ll also get a free t-shirt.(size medium only. Sorry.)

Only you can stop hunger, in the richest country in the world.

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Sorry dude, I apparently said no to the money a long time ago!

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^Well then, you’re selfish. ~

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