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How would you have reacted to school closings as a student?

Asked by longgone (17722points) 1 month ago

Since I work better alone and hated the drama (of middle school, especially), I think I would have been thrilled.

I was in a homeschooling situation twice in my life. At age ten for a few weeks, and then for a whole year at twelve. While I missed my friends, I was thriving academically and emotionally both times. I really liked the adult attention, and many of my classmates in middle school were just loud and annoying to me.

I still saw friends in the afternoon, so it’s not comparable to the isolation many kids are feeling during this time.

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I would have hated it. I loved school. Plus my mom would have been a horrible teacher.

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I would be greatful to be home schooled if given the chance.

I didn’t have warm winter clothes or healthy breakfast or lunch.
I typically had a cola for breakfast and a liter of milk for lunch.
Good days I had a sugar laced cereal and a hogie and milk for lunch.
Some days I had nothing and stayed at home and watched cable and local news.
I was a honor student in grade one when all my needs where met.

Grade 10 I had a second growth spurt and didn’t have any shirts that fit and wore my winter jacket and went shirtless.

I had problems with being teased in class and only attended because I had a crush on a cheerleader.

I should have dropped out at grade 10, and worked weekends at a hotel in Jasper and taken full time studies there.

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I think I would have been glad. Of course, they could no doubt make it fairly awful if they assigned too much homework or something.

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Any excuse to miss school was always celebrated by every one of my peers, and I was no exception.

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I’m a teacher and if I wasn’t bound by money, I could totally see myself being really excited. I can still remember how excited I was whenever my schools announced closing for storms. Heck, there is even a meme among students about praying for storms :D

Over the year I have realized that I learn more from exploring things for myself than going to school. I have come to enjoy school more as an adult, but it still doesn’t mean I learn more. It is because I often have very specific questions that most teachers fail to answer, and also I don’t enjoy the drama. But to be honest young me was a legitimate lazy child and just enjoyed staying at home because it meant more time to play :P

You can say I like to learn, I just don’t like schools.

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Yes. Closing for A Storm is nice. Closing for months is sad.

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@Dutchess_III In most pandemic home schooling the parent is not the teacher, the students meet with their teacher on ZOOM.
In traditional home schooling, the parent is not the teacher. The students teach themselves using various resources, either online or purchased from educational suppliers.
To answer the question, I maintain that I survived public school in spite of the teachers, who were very inadequate. I would have loved to be left to my own devices.

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