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Pimples: pop or not?

Asked by augustlan (47701points) September 9th, 2008

I know you’re not supposed to pop them, that’s not my Q. I’ve just noticed that there seem to be 2 types of people out there…those that “enjoy” popping their own and other people’s pimples, and those that wouldn’t dream of such a thing. Which type are you? Do you have any insight as to why some people like to do it? Full disclosure, I am a popper…I know, it’s disgusting.

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Not disgusting. The most fun ever. But yes, very bad.

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Depends on (your relationship to) the person. And the type of pimple? (Squirters are definitely self-serve. Ick. No.)

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Eat your heart out.

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^^^ Ewww…

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@Spargett: A) How did you even know about that site? B) It was like zit porn…it’s more fun to do than to watch, and I felt unclean afterwards! C) “Bot Fly in the eye” is gonna’ give me nightmares! D) Is there a website for everything under the sun these days?

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Can’t help it. Strange form of satisfaction. Slight compulsive behavioural release.

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@augustlan & Spargett: Is there a website showing folks blowing chunks from their nose?

I bet there is. (Yuck!)

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It’s the same thing as wanting to break the thin layer of ice on a puddle.

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Or perhaps play with bubble wrap?

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Popping is bad. Bad. Hint: Scarring. Put a topical antibiotic on it, like Neosporin or Bacitracin, and let it heal. It’s an infection, treat it like one. stop the madness…

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There is nothing grosser than a person looking at you with a huge blackhead in the middle of their face, or even worse, a white head. YUCK! If they’re so bad that they’re white, for heavens sake, pop it! And aesthetician’s pop black heads all the time.
To answer the question a bit more specifically, I think that people who “enjoy” this activity are probably more connected to their primal instinct. Have you ever seen monkeys grooming each other and picking fleas etc off of each other?

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If you are unable to pop it, get out your BIC Razor and “slice off the top of the mountain.”

That always worked for me.

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Glad you liked it.

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@Judi: I was just thinking about the “grooming” aspect! I think you may be right on the money.

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i don’t pop, i use toothpaste

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@lunabean I know someone else who uses toothpaste, and I was wondering if it really works! well, does it?

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I will never agree to pop someone else’s pimples. It’s fucking disgusting.
If mine hurt really bad I will pop my own, but I don’t get pimples anymore it’s really rare.

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God damn it! I thought this was a new question when my brother linked me, now I’ve answered something really old.

First clue: JackAdams was here.

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Wow asmonet. :D

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I know, I fail.
Toothpaste usually works if there is a head, btw.

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You do fail

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I know it. :D

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Is there a class wives are required to take to kill Backne in the most painful possible way? And usually while I am shaving so as to remove either chin or neck flesh. That way I get the double whammy when I apply aftershave.

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