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What if you’re a couple days late with a small Amazon return?

Asked by marmoset (1260points) March 25th, 2021 from iPhone

This was a satisfaction return, two sets of a product ($38 value total), a packaging-less return at UPS store branch, and I was supposed to go to UPS by today. If I show up at UPS tomorrow or the next day, do you know what will happen? Conflicting info when I google.

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Why don’t you call a UPS store and ask them?

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Tell us what happens.

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Doesn’t your mailing label have dates on it? The last time I sent something to Amazon, there was a “ship by” date on the front of the mailing label. I was able to get UPS to accept it, but I didn’t get a refund and weeks later received my package back at home.

I would think either UPS may not accept the package, Amazon may not issue the refund and/or you may have your package shipped back to you.

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Once that I recall, I was three days late with a return. The UPS clerk accepted it with no comment.

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Amazon, for all that is wrong with it, accepted my return of a pie dish a day after the grace period without any issues.

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