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A local coffee shop in my city is giving a free cup of coffee to anyone who is Asian or Asian-American. How do you feel about this?

Asked by rockfan (12723points) 2 weeks ago from iPhone

And what is the legality of it? I know their hearts are in the right place, but I can’t help but feel uncomfortable about it.

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Update: I discovered that it’s actually a customer “paying it forward” to 5 customers that are Asian or Asian American, and its first come, first serve. It’s not the store doing it as an official giveaway. My apologies.

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They can do what they want, private company.

I wonder – if I owned a coffee shop – if I could do the same thing and give white people free coffee and charge everyone else.

How can it be illegal? My barber shop gives a 10% discount to people over 65. Kroger gives 5% off to shoppers over 55. Many restaurants let kids under 10 eat for free. How can a store be prevented from treating one customer subset differently?

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It is a little weird to be honest. Why would the person only pay it forward to Asians? Why not all people? That way, they’d get more people paying forward, which I suppose is the purpose of this exercise. And would I qualify for a free cuppa? I’m Asian but am not called that when I’m in the US….I’m called Indian….so, I’d feel a little weird and left out if I were to come to your coffee joint.

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It doesn’t bother me if other people want to give stuff away to other select people. No matter how bizarre their motives. Whatever rattles your cage.

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@gondwanalon “It doesn’t bother me if other people want to give stuff away to other select people…”

So if a restaurant gave free dessert to all races except black people, you would be cool with that?

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@gorillapaws Not my monkeys. Not my circus. It’s a private business and if the owner is that stupid then he/she won’t be in business for long.

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Well that’s a terrible choice of words….

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Ass-kissing has always been a part of marketing. Ass-kissing the media’s “victim of the week” is a good way to get attention. I’m Hispanic and gay but I’d find it awkward to get identity-based free merchandise. But that’s just me…

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I don’t know if it’s still legal to do so, but bars and clubs used to have “Ladies Night” where ladies drink for a reduced price and maybe have no admission fee. It might violate some gender laws now.

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It’s customers not the store. Read the first answer by the OP.

I think it’s a little odd to specify what group of people gets a pay it forward coffee, BUT when I heard about the Asian attacks and saw someone on a restaurant review Facebook group here say they wouldn’t eat at Chinese restaurants because of covid I went right out that weekend and bought Chinese take-out! Lol. Wonton soup, egg rolls, curry chicken, pork lo mein, and Szechuan pork. It was all delicious. So, I guess it’s not much different, but I do think it’s different.

I’m ok with it, but I would find it odd to get a free coffee because I’m Jewish. It’s like calling attention to me being Jewish in the coffee shop. I know my husband feels more vulnerable being Mexican the last few years and I wonder how he would feel being recognized as Mexican in a public place and being given a free coffee for it? Rather than just being another customer. I think people prefer to blend in and be accepted as just another American, or another person in America.

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I think, given the context, it sounds like it’s a small gesture from someone who means well. I don’t know if the gesture has its intended effect or not—whether it feels like a small act of kindness or whether it feels like being singled out—so I’d want to defer to the perspective of AAPI or people of other racial/ethnic minorities.

I definitely wouldn’t feel the same if someone was paying forward five drinks for only white people—again, because of context.

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Why would I care?

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Why bother clicking on the question?

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What if I identify as being part of that socio-cultural group and I wasn’t permitted to receive a free coffee, would you be doubly uncomfortable about the legality or would that equal it out for you?

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You asked how we felt about it. That’s how I feel.

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@gondwanalon ”...if the owner is that stupid then he/she won’t be in business for long.”

History would disagree. There were many successful racist businesses before the civil rights movement. It’s why we HAD the civil rights movement.

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Cops, teachers, healthcare workers and veterans get free coffee for their sacrifices. Asian Americans are hurting right now. Give them a cup of coffee ffs.

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It’s goofy.

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