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Can we put different perfumes in wires so that we can tell which ones are burning?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18379points) 2 weeks ago

In complex wiring systems. Like in the international space station? Different smells for different devices.

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It is unlikely that a burning wire could reliably activate the base fragrance. It might just as likely burn the fragrance off. Not everyone can distinguish smells as reliably or accurately.

There are other ways of telling what current or activity is going on in an electrical system.It requires some troubleshooting at times, but my father was always able to tell if a circuit was active or if a battery was charged.

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No. By the time we remembered or figured out which was which, the shit would already be in the fan. Usually, one can tell which wire is hot by the color insulation on the wire being discolored or smoking or melting. But the circuit breaker should’ve popped already.

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Im thinking you could probably detect if the wire is overheating just by observing the change in resistance on the wire or something.

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It’s still a good concept.

For instance, by mixing other gasses in with methane, you can know when you have a gas leak. With wires, the idea that you could detect a problem by the smell is intriguing, For instance, if it smelled like citrus, baby powder, balsam, whatever—you could know where the problem is,

But I concur with all the above. There are better and far more reliable ways to detect and troubleshoot a problem.

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Do you think you could identify the lilac scented wire in a harness of 100 wires? Better let the computer tell you which circuit is overloaded…

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By the time you smell wiring will you have the presence of mind to recall what that fragrance is called and look it up on the list? Oh, you lost the list? Oh, you remember them all? Oh….

Power wires routinely get warm under load and the fragrances would outgas all the time and you’d be in a panic. In a facility with a lot of heavy machinery the potpourri of wiring smells would be nauseating.

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