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Have you had an inguinal hernia repaired by laparoscopic with mesh method?

Asked by gondwanalon (19846points) 1 week ago

Were there any complications during surgery?
What was your recovery time?
How long ago was your surgery?
Any issues with it?

I’ve had two inguinal hernia repairs (left & right sides, open surgery with no mesh) done in the 1990’s. Both previous hernias reoccured over a year ago. Tried to deal with the hernias with a truss. Tiered of the craping and pain. So I’m scheduled for laparoscopic hernia repair with mesh next week. I watched the operations on youtube. It’s pretty simple but it could easily go very wrong as sharp cutting tools work very close to critical blood vessels, sperm ducts and nerves. Areas appropriately named Triangle of Doom and Triangle of Pain.

Thanks! Good health and stay strong!

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@gondwanalon About 20 years ago I had laparoscopic surgery using fascia
from cadaver which my surgeon said is more reliable than man made mesh.
I have had zero side effects. No complications. The fascia becomes part of you. Perhaps your surgeon is familiar with this. *I went to the surgeon with the request to have the mesh. He explained to me how this was better. Good luck.

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Good luck with it!!

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Green light and healing vibes to you!

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It’s a standard surgery nowadays.

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Thank you all for your responses.

@si3tech The use of facia from a cadaver sounds like an ideal hernia repair. Availability may be why I never heard of this and it hasn’t been offered to me. I’ve contacted 2 surgeons that specialize in mesh-free hernia repairs. Both said I’m not a good candidate because of scar tissue from past surgeries (two past hernia repairs, appendectomy and orchiopexy).

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My advice for any surgery (general advice) is to go to several doctors and get several opinions (three is ideal, I think).

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